Tips for selling Avon Products Online to make money

Forget that traditional “door-to-door” way of selling Avon products, instead choose the online way to make decent money and become a successful Avon representative.

If you have an interest in cosmetics and want to run your own business, then start selling Avon products online and earn extra money. Many Avon customers are also finding the way to get Avon products of their choice without meeting an Avon representative face-to-face. At this stage, online process works wonders for both of them. Once you decide to earn money selling Avon products online, you have to put a lot of effort as your profits depend wholly on your ability to sell Avon products. You can’t just hand out brochures to get orders and cross your fingers, as you have to focus on several aspects of your Avon business like introduce new products to regular customers, constantly meet new people and tell benefits of using Avon products, talk to your friends and family about the Avon opportunity, etc. Are you confused from where to get started to sell Avon products online? Then follow the easy tips given here.

avon products online, new avon brochure

Avon is one of the popular cosmetics companies across the world, which offers a wide variety of things including beauty products, clothing and household goods, bath and body items, etc., so selling Avon products could be a rewarding opportunity for people searching for ways to earn more money. Plus, the start-up cost is quite low and the procedure is fast and simple. When you focus your energy on various areas of your Avon business, you will notice an increase in your overall Avon earnings. For instance, you have to focus not only on building traditional sales, but also increase your online sales and establishing or increasing your leadership team to maximize your success. Continue reading

How to extend Whatsapp validity in India to use it free?

WhatsApp is free for the first year of use, after that you have to pay around Rs. 55 yearly subscription. If you are interested in getting WhatsApp free for lifetime… just try following tricks.

Whatsapp allows you to stay connected with your friends and family all the time, even it allows sending multimedia messages like ringtones, voice recordings, videos, images, video recordings, etc. in a really fast manner. It’s no message restriction feature makes it one of the most popular apps among all age groups. It has a strong presence internationally, mainly in India, Europe, and Latin America. People around the world send 19 billion WhatsApp messages every day, 600 million photos, 200 million voice messages and 100 million videos. The only problem is that whatsapp is really not free, it charges around Rs. 55 to use for another one year. However, if you want to extend whatsapp validity to use it absolutely FREE, you can do it…simply by following any of the methods given below.

How to extend Whatsapp validity in India to use it free?

Method 1: Delete Whatsapp Account

  • Open Whatsapp on your device
  • Go for Settings & click on ‘Account’
  • Now hit on ‘Delete my account’
  • Enter your mobile number in the given field and press on ‘Delete my Account’.

At this point, you are no more on Whatsapp, so create a new account using new information and get whatsapp back with extended validity.

  • Once again open whatsapp and start creating a new account using new information
  • Now in the new account, check out your Whatsapp expiry date by navigating to > Settings > Account > Payment info. Here, you would see extended trial period of your whatsapp account.

Method 2: Delete – Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

Another way is to uninstall or delete whatsapp then again install Whatsapp so that your previous history is removed and when you again register, you are registered as a new user and also provided with another 1 year free validity. Continue reading

How to track my Walmart online order?

If you have placed an order at and it hasn’t arrived on-time, you can track and view delivery status of your order online in My account or simply by entering order number.

The world’s largest leader, Walmart, becomes the first choice among online shoppers. One of the main reasons people shop at Walmart is because it offers big, attractive saving offers. Another best thing is that it facilitates millions of its customers across the world with online purchase and mobile apps. To save time on hectic shopping trips and to shop in full comforts of home, more and more Walmart shoppers are turning online to buy goods. Also with online order pickup program, shoppers get same-day gratification wherein online orders are generally ready for pickup in about four hours. As fast product delivery is the main concern of the shoppers, this program notably increased the customers-count. After placing order online, shoppers feel great excitement to receive order as soon as possible. How’s that if you track your Walmart online order anytime, anywhere…within few clicks? It’s really a great service! Simple steps with helpful information for order tracking are given below, just read out and follow your delivery on its journey from warehouse to you.

How to track my Walmart online order?

On clicking “Place order”, your order starts processing immediately. Processing is the first phase of the time when you place your order on till you get your purchase. During the phase, details of your billing information are verified and it is the only time when you are allowed to change your shipping address, shipping method or payment method. Once the order moves into the shipping phase, it cannot be changed however you can call customer service at 1-800-328-0402 for resolution. Continue reading

How to get Dubai airport immigration e-Gate card?

Use Dubai immigration e-card at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain International Airports to avoid long queues and clear the immigration within a few seconds.

The most frustrating thing for travelers at airports is getting stuck in long queues to clear immigration, especially during busy periods. Now, no need to wait in a long queue on departure and arrival in the UAE airports to get your passport stamped as e-Gate card lets quicker access through the immigration process. Frequent international travelers can get Dubai immigration e-card, skip the hassle of standing in long immigration queues and clear the immigration within 5 to 10 seconds. Thus, save their precious time.

Dubai airport immigration e-Gate card

Dubai immigration e-card makes Dubai’s immigration process quick and smooth for travelers at both, the exit and entry point of Dubai Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport and Al Ain Airport. This smart e-card includes user’s personal history, passport details, biometrics finger prints and face recognition. All these user details are also stored on the barcode located in the newly issued passports.

The Department of Civil Aviation and Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) issue the Dubai immigration e-Gate card to smoothen immigration process without compromising tight security at the airports. Continue reading

How Aquaman crystal Works? A Material to Breathe in Water

Now you don’t require bulky oxygen tanks and face masks to breathe underwater, thanks to the newly developed crystalline substance “Aquaman Crystal” from Danish scientists.

If you have ever dreamed of being able to hang out underwater without oxygen tanks, then it’s time to cheer up as your dream is most likely to become reality as scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have created a crystalline material dubbed “Aquaman Crystal” that allow us to breathe in water. It seems to be something out of a science fiction novel, but this crystalline material is very powerful that a bucketful can bind and absorb an entire roomful of oxygen. ‘Aquaman crystal’ – the name of the substance has been given after the DC comic book character that can swim underwater.

Aquaman crystal

‘Aquaman crystal’ can absorb large amounts of oxygen and let a person to breathe underwater without any oxygen tanks or other bulky breathing tools. The absorption rate itself is outstanding as the crystal may have 160 times more of oxygen than the air we breathe. The main factor of the new material is the element cobalt, which is bound in a particularly intended organic molecule. Continue reading

How to Find DNRD, Typist & Medical Fitness Centres in Dubai?

Check out  where and how to find the location of all DNRD centres, Typing and Medical Fitness Centres in Dubai if you are new in Dubai.

Hiring a maid for household duties is very common in Dubai. However it is a long drawn process with many legal implications. It is mandatory for employers to complete all the formalities involved in hiring, and for this, they are required to visit various service centres/government offices like DNRD (the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai), typing centres, and medical fitness centres. Finding the location of these offices, counters or services used to be a bit difficult, but not anymore. This article will help you find all the relevant locations quickly and easily.

dnrd offices locations in dubai, dnrd centres location duabi, typing centre locations dubai, medical fitness center dubai location

Searching Medical Fitness Centres in Dubai

In Dubai, all expatriates must undergo a medical fitness test in a Government medical fitness centre for the issuance or the renewal of their visas. So, one of the things you have to do, when getting a visa for your maid, is take her for a medical fitness test. You can easily get the locations of all the Medical Fitness Centres located in Dubai on – the official website of Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Once you land on this site, click on “Contact Us” at the top left side of the page and then scroll down till you see a section that says “Medical Fitness”. Below that will be the list of all Medical Fitness Centres along with their locations and telephone numbers. Click here to directly access the page. Continue reading

How to make payment of TJ Maxx Credit Card?

Users of TJ Maxx Credit Card can now pay their credit card bill online, over the phone, by mail or automatic payments with bank account very easily and quickly.

Paying bills online is becoming a very popular trend that many are doing or want to do. It is very convenient and easiest way that not only save your postage expense but also save your valuable time as well as allow you to track all your payment transactions. Today, everyone can pay their utility bill, shopping bill, credit card bill and many more online with great convenience and efficiency. TJX or TJ Maxx is an American department store chain that offers men’s, men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and shoes, and also offers several other items like toys, bath and beauty, accessories and home products ranging from furniture to kitchen utensils. People can make their shopping experience better at TJX or TJ Maxx store using TJX credit card. Customer can use TJX rewards credit card at a store or online to pay their bills offering good discounts and savings on your shopping. If you are users of TJ Maxx Credit Card, then now you can pay your bills online at from anywhere, anytime just by login in the site. Moreover, you can check account activity, get paperless statements, update account information, and set up account alerts and much more.

Girl makes payment of TJ Maxx Credit Card

TJX or TJ Maxx is an off-price clothing retail store that offers beautiful, high-quality, on-trend things at unbelievable savings. The TJX Rewards is provided by Synchrony Bank (“SYNCB”) or GE Capital Retail Bank in order that customers can securely pay for their shopping. Using TJ Maxx Credit Card, one can not only pay their bills but also earn rewards point which can be redeemed for items at the store or online. Customer can easily register for the TJX rewards card on the store’s website easily and begin shopping to earn discounts. To pay their online shopping bill online, the customer have to login in to their online at Credit Card account using their login ID. Continue reading

Redmi 1s Network Problem, Shows Very Poor Signal

Users of Xiaomi Redmi 1S are encountering problems with poor reception of signal. Here are some tips and tricks that you can try to fix the Network Problem in Redmi 1s.

Xiaomi is a popular Chinese cell phone manufacturer known for making powerful yet affordable devices. Their latest offering Redmi 1s is now world’s fourth best-selling smartphone. With impressive set of features like a 4.7 inch 720p HD display, 8MP camera, 2MP front camera, 8GB internal storage, and a super affordable price tag of Rs 5999, Redmi 1s is selling like hot cakes across the world. However, there is one major drawback to this phone and that is poor signal reception. An increasing number of Redmi 1s users are complaining of a weak or no signal in Xiaomi’s official forums. Until now, Xiaomi has not given a solution to this problem. Till the time the company comes up with a permanent fix, you can try some tips and tricks to boost your phone’s signal strength.

redmi 1s network problem

Redmi 1s is a dual sim phone. Although both the SIM card slots accept cards with data connectivity, only the left side slot supports 3G whereas the right one supports 2G data connectivity.

After some tests, it has been found that the network problem occurs only when the slot 1 is configured in “3G preferred” (i.e. mixed 2G/3G) which is the default mode. So a temporary solution is to set your phone’s slot 1 network mode to “2G only” or “3G only”. Continue reading

How to check Status of a Social Security Claim?

To know status of your completed retirement, survivor or disability social security application, visit or call on toll free SSA number.

Social security offers lots of benefits to each citizen to cope up with hope and bravery during the casualties they face in their whole life. It protects and give allowance to their family members to run their life normally. To get benefits of social security, every person have to submit important documents to support their claim application. To get benefits of social security claim you have to provide information like Social Security number, most recent self-employment tax return or W-2 form, proof of a disability and birth certificate. If you have already completed the claim procedure for retirement, survivor or disability application and want to know about status of your social security claim, then you can find out status by any of the following method.

Social Security status change, Social Security status report, Social Security status confirmation number

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to start your claim procedure. If it has taken a long time then usual, then only you need to worry about your claim. There is no need to have any account at official government site to find out details for status of your claim. Simply visit site and have ready your SSN (Social Security Number) with you to get status information in fractions of seconds.

Online method: It is easiest method to know about your claim status. You can check your claim status anywhere, anytime without paying anything. Follow the below given steps to get details about your claim status: Continue reading

Great Inspiring Education Quotes from Top Techies

Checkout the great inspiring education quotes from tech icons like Marissa Mayer, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Learning is a lifelong process that starts at birth and ends with death. In today’s world, education is very necessary to make our dreams come true, get a good job, have a successful life and achieve goals. Although the most successful entrepreneurs of tech world have not completed college degree, they believe in the importance of ambition, self-belief and good teachers. Let’s take a look at ten inspiring educational quotes from top techies. These education quotes from tech icons will surely inspire you to follow the path of knowledge.

Great Inspiring Education Quotes from Top Techies

Education plays an important role to make children responsible citizens and good human beings. Not only that, education teaches us the good behavior and good manners as well as makes us capable of taking the right decisions in real life scenarios. Education even has a great impact on overall progress of society and nation. So, you must complete your education for a great career and being a good person in the future. Continue reading