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Big Lessons to Learn from Games

Playing game is not always bad…waste of time, but it can help to learn important life lessons from games, also get motivated for some positive aspects of the life. Checkout few of them here…

Game addiction is a major concern for parents. But it’s not all true that the games are addictive, but some kids use them in a way that is out of balance and harms important areas of their lives. Concern is totally reasonable considering negative aspects of the game, as eventually gamers become lazy, unproductive, etc. But all these are one-sided opinions; you must have to consider its good side too. Actually, games are no longer just a source of pastime entertainment, or something that keeps your thumbs and eyeballs busy. But passing through different phases of the game, there are plenty of life lessons to be learned and these lessons can make you a better person in the real-life. Some of them can also inspire people on different levels and help to prepare them for the life-long challenges. In this digital world, some online games also helps players to connect with people from all across the globe, making them forget the differences and creating some positive bonding. The list is long…but we have listed some selected of them here, just have a look!

Learn life Lessons from Games

Nothing is too big to tackle. — Final Fantasy VII

In the Final Fantasy series, players must have to save the world from Sephiroth – one of the most menacing video game villains ever designed – for being an all-powerful god. The game comes with important life lesson that take a stand and fight for the right reasons, even in the face of defeat. Continue reading

Esummon App lets you search and join Like Minded Gamers Online

Are you frustrating of playing game alone on your mobile phone? No longer…because in near future, you will be able to download Esummon Application that will allow you search and join Like Minded Gamers Online.

Creating community of like minded gamer is not new…because this great thing becomes possible using several social media network, where players from different places meet together and compete against each other. In a near future, one new innovation will come in the market in application form. If you really love to play game on your mobile phone, then it will become great for you to find out like-minded gamers through your mobile phone to discuss about your game and invite them to raids. ESUMMON is the Smartphone application which will be available on both iOS and Android platform. It will allow you to find out both nationally and internationally gamers to play with as well as meet lots of new people with social aspects. Currently, it is under construction so you have to wait for minimum 6 to 8 months.

Mobile screenshot of Esummon App

Esummon App will help you find out right people to play with. Generally, Gamers have to pass through junk websites and spammy forums to discover someone to attack or party up with. But Esummon App will solve all the problems and give easy access to find out like minded gamer. Simple registration is required to use this application. Continue reading

Traffic Frenzy Arcade Game for Windows Phone – Control the busy city traffic

Now play a free arcade game on Windows Phone – Traffic Frenzy, in which you have to control the busy city traffic by acting as a traffic light switcher.

Another popular iOS and Android game is now available for Windows Phone – Traffic Frenzy. It is a captivating traffic management game from Games2Win, which creates various short-attention-span games for iOS and Android, with the title being well-known on the latter. Moreover, the development house is gradually bringing over several of those games to Windows Phone, and Traffic Frenzy is one of them. In this game, your role is of a traffic light switcher and your goal is to keep the traffic flowing smoothly without jams or crashing. Best of all, it is available for free to play.

 Traffic Frenzy arrives for Windows Phone

The Traffic Frenzy arcade game is amusing with solid, bold graphics. Traffic Frenzy is a simple tap-based game, featuring 25 unique levels, power ups to speed up, slow down and also blow up the traffic. The game-play is very simple; you have to manage the traffic, which is full of cars that race in different directions. Begin your traffic controlling career in the city of Los Angeles and view the traffic fly. You have to change the traffic signals in accordance with traffic presence, thus avoid accidents or clear cars in a lane. It seems very easy, perhaps a boring one. But its not so, you will have fun while playing it. Continue reading

Namco High: Review of high school dating sim game

Die hard fans of Namco can date various Namco Bandai video game characters for absolutely FREE in new launched Namco High, a high school dating sim game.

Game lovers might have heard about Namco, as it is well-known name in video arcades also on home video game consoles. Namco is one of the top video game manufacturers in Japan, and this time it has made a great move with the launch of its latest game Namco High, because Andrew Hussie – a creator of Homestuck (one of the most complex multimedia web comic projects) – is the creative director of this game. And of course, there is no need of any introduction for him! ShiftyLook producer Rob Pereyda admired his wonderful skill saying that there is no creator with more of a vibrant originality right now than Andrew Hussie.

Namco High dating sim gameThis time, Namco Bandai is teaming up with Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin Studios to develop Namco High. This is its new browser-based dating SIM game, which will carefully mash up characters all across the Namco Bandai Games universe as well as bring them together at a high school just for video game characters. Being produced under the supervision of Andrew Hussie, there is some established storytelling skills behind the upcoming project and all are waiting to see how Hussie can turn his hand for the next level magic. However, we can expect better… rather than good from NAMCO HIGH, which is excellent place to start partnership of two leading purveyors of imagination and full of longtime gamers – Namco Bandai Games Inc. and What Pumpkin Studios. So, let’s see Namco High…in details. Continue reading

World of Warplanes Reviews: What IGN, GameZebo, PCGamer & Other experts say

Read the complete review about World of Warplanes action game and see how experts at IGN, GameZebo, PCGamer, Metacritic, Freetoplay, & other website evaluate it.

The violent action or arcade games often put parents in worries, as they think that it affects badly on the minds of kids. But the real fact is totally opposite; it can have a beneficial effect on the brain and improve creativity, decision-making and perception. People, who played action-based video and computer game, can take decision 25% faster than others. So, don’t stop your child to play a game. In addition, practiced game players can pay more attention on six things at once without getting confused. Good news for action game lover as they can now add one more game, namely “World of Warplanes” in the list of action game. Still, you may have played action game with gun, fighter, bullets, cannon, and many others shooting equipments. But “World of Warplanes”, a free-to-play flight combat MMO action game gives opportunity to play games with fighter planes. The game is based on armored warfare theme that throws players in to a boundless tussle for air dominance. This is really good game for aircraft enthusiasts; as here, they can pursue full-scale careers as virtual pilots and earn wings inside powerful 15-vs-15 battle where air dominance depends on fast trigger ringer and coordinated teamwork. It also enables players to select their planes from dozens of possible planes and get into the large scale dog fights with other pilots.

Screenshot of World of Warplanes: What IGN, GameZebo, PCGamer & Other experts say

A multiplayer air combat game, World of Warplanes, is released by creator of World of Tanks – The whole game is set in the golden age of the world’s military aviation. Player can jump in to the games immediately after downloading it. The game continues the “War Saga” that began in the World of Tanks. Player is fully independent to lift off, leaving combat zone loaded with smoke and destruction. They can also get first-hand opportunity to take part in an unlimited number of battles for air superiority. At the beginning of the game, you can unlock newer planes and technology. After that, you have to collect maximum credits and tokens for these various transactions. Continue reading

Cavemania Android Game Review – Better than Candy Crush?

Cavemania is a ground-breaking “Match-3 Meets Age of Empires” game developed by BonusXP, where a typical match-3 gameplay meets with resource management and attack strategy.

Meet Cavemania – the newest and hottest puzzle-strategy game available for android gamers. Cavemania is truly a ground-breaking game that blends the simplicity of Match 3 games with the depth of Age Empires! In fact, this game is described as “Match-3 Meets Age of Empires”. Although the core concept of Cavemania is much like that of ‘Candy Crush’, this new strategic match-three title requires more in-depth thinking as players will have to encounter with dangerous prehistoric enemies to proceed in the game. Now, a brief review of the game is given below. Just go through it to know more about Cavemania.

Yodo1’s Cavemania Game App for Android


In Cavemania, you’ll be playing as a Chieftain, whose tribe has been scattered across the Pterodactyl-ridden land. Your mission is to find them all and make sure you’re all one big happy family again. The game starts off with the typical Match 3 game play but here’s the twist that sets Cavemania apart from other match-three games: your Stone Age hero will also occupy a space on this changing game board. Soon after the game starts, you’ll come face to face with dangerous enemies like sabretooths and T-Rex that moves across the matching board, trying to take you out. Continue reading

Wise Game Booster Tutorial: How to use this Game Speed up Software?

Compulsive gamblers should catch hold of Wise Game Booster application in order to speed up their computer with ease, that too with a single click of a button.

Sometimes your computer games don’t run as you like, as your PC is being slowed down by other services or programs that run in the OS background. If you are facing this problem, then now no need to rush out and upgrade your hardware because Wise Game Booster can deliver a viable solution for this kind of issues. This game speed up software is specially designed to help you increase PC performance in order to make your playing experience as enjoyable as possible by optimizing few Windows settings, and ending background programs and services to free up RAM and CPU cycles.

Wise Game Booster Tutorial: How to use this Game Speed up Software?

This free and professional utility from provides you a peak game-playing experience. When you’re ready to play a game, just launch Wise Game Booster and press a button to optimize your computer. It basically focuses on steadiness and speed aspects of how quick the system and network run, all this in a safe way. For advanced users, it is probable to manually close processes and unnecessary Windows services, and even do other optimizations. What you need to do is simply add the games into “My games”, and afterward you don’t have to search the game from crowded desktop icons. Wise Game Booster makes only temporary changes to your Windows operating system and everything it performs can be changed back with the restore and resume wizards, or by restarting your computer. Continue reading

Best Pinball Video Games for Pinball Lovers: Top 5 List

“Oh bit left…no right…here he comes…yes, mission complete” are some of very common conversations of a video game lover. Playing video games is one of the best thing to kill the time. Playing video games is always a fun, now playing game is not only limited with the kids but adults are also playing it for fun or time pass. Playing pinball video games has its own fun. So it is the time to go back in the past and have fun but now you can enjoy the same experience in the digital form as they are easily available for Android and iOS. Playing pinball games gives you a retrospect views. Now, it is the time to redefine the old experience of the pinball games with the help of PC and android technology.

Best Pinball Video Games for Pinball Lovers: Top 5 List Continue reading

Which SSD is best for Gaming? Top 5 Best SSDs

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are quite faster and utilize less power compared to the regular mechanical hard drives. Moreover, they are able to search details more speedily and less prone to malfunction. Nowadays, SSDs have lower prices, faster performance and higher capacities. SSDs don’t have any moving parts; instead of spinning platters and moving mechanical arms, they utilize electronic NAND flash technology to simulate those purposes. When it comes to solid state drives and gaming, usually everybody agrees that a SSD will get better load times also fix a few of the choppiness that comes from heavy I/O games – mainly if you have a number of programs operating in the background. Do you know which SSD is best for gaming in terms of budget and performance? Check out here list of the top 5 best SSDs that you should consider on your purchasing of perfect SSD that can boost the performance of your PC.

Which SSD is best for Gaming? Top 5 Best SSDs

Top 5 Best SSDs

1, Samsung 840 series

These days Samsung’s 840 series are some of the well-known SSDs on the market, providing loads of capacity and performance for the dollar. In terms of internal factors, Samsung 840 series varies from both – 830 series and the 840 Pro. The new 3-bit-per-cell MLC NAND, also called triple-level-cell or TLC NAND, is being used by the 840 series drive. Indeed, it’s the first mass-production consumer SSD that utilizes this sort of flash memory. The Samsung 840 seems just like the Samsung 840 Pro, unless you observe the bottoms of the drives; you can easily slip-up one for the other. Upon examination, you’ll stumble on the new 840 series drive comes without the Pro designation and in 3 capacities – 120GB, 250GB, and 500GB, while the 840 Pro is offered in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities. The Samsung 840 series is a superb entry-level solid-state drive for budget and general users, although not actually a good procure for higher or professional users. Continue reading