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How Indian Spice Anaspati (Star Anise) may prevent & cure Swine Flu?

You might not believe, but Anaspati (Star Anise), an amazing Indian spice from kitchen may help you to prevent and cure swine flu naturally. But lets first get the idea about what all this hype about swine flu is actually.

This article has detailed information about current scenario of swine flu in India, its medicine and herbal options. If You are impatient to read all information, you can skip to the herbal medicine part from the following index:

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Moov fitness tracker: Wristband with Real-time interactive coaching

Moov is a new wearable fitness gadget that not only tracks the user’s activities but also gives them personalized tips to improve their performance.

Nowadays, tons of wearable fitness trackers are available in the market. Most of these gadgets do the same – track your step counts, hours slept and calories burned. However, a new fitness gadget called Moov has arrived in the market that aims to deliver more than a typical fitness tracker. Dubbed as the “next generation of wearable fitness gadgets”, Moov is a watch-like device that can be strapped around various body parts like wrist, arm, ankle, or even a bicycle. The specialty of this new fitness gadget is that it not only tracks your movement but also analyzes your body’s position while working out, also provides real-time audio & video instructions on how to improve. In this way, the gadget actually acts as a personalized fitness coach.

Moov fitness gadgets besides devices

In order to use Moov, you need a mobile device to pair with. As of now, Moov is compatible only with iPhone 4s and above. But don’t worry; as the Android version is expected to release by the fall of 2014. So, anyone, who owns an iPhone 4s (or above) device, can download the Moov apps from the iTunes Store right now. They are absolutely free to download. Once you download the Moov app, open it and pick an activity from a range of applications on your mobile device. Currently, you can make your selection from 5 activities namely running, swimming, cycling, boxing and body weight. The developers of the gadget have said that they’re planning to add more activities like yoga and martial arts in the coming months. Continue reading

ERI Sports Wrist Band is thinnest route tracking health companion

Learn about the thinnest route tracking smart sports band, Digi-Care ERI that tracks your activity and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you are a seasoned workout pro or die-hard gym buff, fitness gadgets can be useful tools for achieving fitness goals and staying in shape. Many people are using wearable fitness gadgets to track distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken, etc. They not only satisfy fitness goals, but also turn out to be fashion accessories and make a style statement. ERI is one of the latest wearable fitness gadgets. The Digi-Care ERI is a smart sport wristband that can monitor your movements and trace your activity route.

Different colors of ERI wristband


ERI is a unique, nicely designed sports wristband made by Shenzhen. Nano silica unibody technology is being used to create it. The nano silicon material used in this smart sports wristband is durable and very comfortable to touch. ERI is extremely thin and lightweight with a total thickness of 6mm and weight of 20g. It is the thinnest route tracking smart sport wristband. It is water resistant with a rating of IP67, so you can even wear it while swimming. Continue reading

Fitbug Orb: Review of button-sized wireless fitness tracker

Track your steps taken, sleep patterns and estimates calories burned easily with latest tiny little pill-shaped wireless fitness tracker called Fitbug Orb.

Knowledge is power for being fit and healthy. Healthy diet and Exercise is the keystone to lose weight and maintain body. But do you know that tracking your daily activity is another most important thing to test strength, endurance, weight and body fat. A new breed of wrist-worn fitness tracker gadget can become helpful to track your daily activities. Fitbug Orb is the latest button-sized wireless fitness tracker that you can use as pedometer, heart-rate monitor, sleep accelerometer, and calorie tracker. This button sized wireless fitness tracker can be used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With Fitbug Orb, you can track sleep patterns, steps taken and estimates calories burned. Orb cannot recognize calories consumed and workout automatically, so you have to enter it manually.

Fitness tracker - Fitbug Orb

If you are familiar with fitbug’s previous fitness tracking items – FitBit One and Jawbone Up, then you can detect its new feature very clearly. The tiny little pill-shaped fitness tracker comes with lots of benefits. It can be used to track “aerobic steps,” which are taken after constant walk of more than 10 minutes. Sometimes, we do not know how many times we wake up overnight; but it becomes possible now with Ftbug Orb as it not only tracks your sleep but also shows you how often you wake up overnight. Continue reading

Top Android Apps for Health and Beauty

The Google Play store is the favorite destination for millions of Android users worldwide. Everyday, lots and lots of people visit this store and download various apps into their Android devices. The store contains apps for almost all kind of fields like education, business, entertainment, photography, lifestyle, and lots more. Google also offers various health and fitness apps that can help you with your fitness program. Plus, there are several beauty apps that can make you look beautiful and gorgeous. So, if you are one among the people who are more conscious about fitness and beauty then you must download and install the apps given below for your device. These apps will surely make you feel good and look good.

Top Android Apps for Health and Beauty

1, Virtua Gym

The Virtua Gym app is one of the most recommended apps for health conscious people. It offers access to wide range of effective workouts along with exercise plans for working out in the gym or at home (without using any kind of equipment). Moreover, workouts are offered in three different levels namely ‘newbie’, ‘beginner’, and ‘advanced’, so that the users can enjoy an effective workout. You can also use the morning walk mode to get expert tips about what to do prior to take a morning walk. All the exercises and workouts are displayed in 3D views with proper instructions. Continue reading

Top Mobile Apps for Health [Editor’s Pick]

These days mobile phones are used not only for communication, but also for other purposes. Lots of apps are available to control almost all the aspects of life. There are around 15,000 health apps from which 25% are free of cost. As per the Pew Internet & American Life project, about 15% adults with mobile phones utilize health apps and from that 17% users find health information while on the go. Health apps help you to track fitness and eating habits, stay informed about your health as well as to take better care of yourself. 40% doctors consider that using health apps can decrease the number of doctor visits required by patients, according to Float Mobile Learning data. To know some of the best mobile apps for health, refer the following article.

Top Mobile Apps for Health

Top 7 Mobile Apps for Health

1. Thin-Cam

Price: $0.99
Available on: itunes

The founder or creator of Thin-cam app is Dr. David Edelson. Thin-cam app eliminates the need of carrying a notebook to record every morsel that you eat. It allows you to take a photograph of everything you eat with the camera of your phone and automatically upload it to your personal photographic Food Diary on for later viewing. You can download this personal photographic Food Diary any time to show it to a doctor, personal trainer or nutritionist. You have to pay $29.95 to get detailed evaluation of calorie counts & your three days diet and suggestions on how to improve your diet by a nutritionist of the You can also post your photo on twitter and facebook. Continue reading