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9 Interesting Facts about Cricket World Cup You may not know has created some interesting facts about World Cup 2015 that you love to know and share with your friends.

1. Group A Winning Rhythm

The tally of final point table of Group A is really interesting as you go from bottom to top. Each of team couldn’t register win against its upper level team.

ICC Cricket World cup 2015 group A point table

1) Scotland hasn’t defeated any team lying above them.
2) Afghanistan hasn’t defeated any team lying above them.
3) England hasn’t defeated any team lying above them.
4) Bangladesh hasn’t defeated any team lying above them.
5) Sri Lanka hasn’t defeated any team lying above them.
6) Australia hasn’t defeated any team lying above them.
7) New Zealand is on top having defeated all other teams in the Pool. Continue reading

How to Get HP Remote Assistant Support?

HP customers can visit to get Remote Assistance online in real-time, by simply entering the 6-digit numeric code provided by Support Professional.

The HP Company is known for offering cutting-edge products, technologies, software and solutions to customers ranging from individuals to large enterprises. They’re also providing online remote assistance service to help their valued customers troubleshoot and solve technical issues. When using this service, a technical support professional from HP will initiate a remote connection to the customer’s PC to see and support/diagnose the problems without being physically present at that computer., remote assistant, hp remote support

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How to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana benefits online?

Visit, and know everything important about Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana, all its benefits, process to open an account, document information… at one single place.

Prime Minster Narendra Modi launched an ambitious scheme – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana with a great aim of bringing comprehensive financial inclusion in India. The scheme has grand objective of ensuring that all households in the country have a bank account. Interesting part is that host of benefits are offered to every households under this scheme, including a bank account, insurance and a debit card. What’s more, it provides universal access to banking facilities along with financial literacy, access to credit, insurance and pension facility, and more. To give a perfect shape to the Centre’s financial inclusion agenda, a dedicated website was launched by the Finance Ministry. Providing an easy access to information, it specially designed to help people open bank accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. If you want to get benefited under the government’s flagship financial inclusion program, first make your visit at, checkout thoroughly and get benefited at the fullest with the scheme. Apply to get Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana

PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana) is a kind of National Mission for Financial Inclusion to ensure access to all those basic financial services. Under the scheme, every household can get access to banking and credit facilities with zero-balance bank account and RuPay debit card. Ultimately, it helps them to come out of the grip of moneylenders, handle the financial crises caused by emergent needs, and most importantly, benefit from a variety of financial products. Continue reading

How to Link Aadhaar Card & Bank Account to Indane, Bharat and HP Gas?

Learn here how to link your bank account (with or without Aadhar card) to LPG connection and start receiving the subsidy on cooking gas directly into bank account.

Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL) is an initiative taken by the Indian Government to prevent black-marketing of cylinders, by providing subsidies directly to consumers through their bank accounts. The scheme was first launched on 1st of June 2013 and it covered 291 districts across the country. Initially it was compulsory for consumers to have an Aadhar number for availing the subsidy, but not anymore. The government has modified the scheme, and now LPG consumers can join DBTL to receive subsidy into bank account even if they don’t have Aadhar Card.

link bank account to lpg, link bank account to lpg subsidy, link bank account to lpg online, how to link bank account with lpg connection, link aadhaar card to bank account and lpg connection

The modified scheme has already been launched in 54 districts on 15th November 2014 and will be rolled out to rest of the country from 1st of January 2015. Under this modified scheme, consumers will get one-time permanent advance in their account before buying the first LPG cylinder at market price. They’ll receive subsidy as per their annual entitlement of subsidized cylinders. Till the time consumers enroll for the scheme, they’ll get cylinders at subsidized price for three months (15 November 2014 to 14 February 2015) and at market price for next three months, but the subsidy due will be given to them on joining the scheme within these three months i.e. before 14 May 2015. With effect from 15 May 2015, all LPG consumers will be forced to purchase cylinders at market price and only those who enroll the scheme will receive the one-time advance and cash subsidy. Continue reading

What is Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages?

Learn what is interest only lifetime mortgages, how they work and their advantages & disadvantages.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their golden years in comfort after a lifetime of struggle and achievements. But, enjoying retired life is not possible if your retirement savings are lacking. Retired people can use lifetime mortgages to supplement their retirement income during ripe years. Lifetime mortgages let you take out a loan against your home, giving you full ownership of your property. Interest is charged on loan principal, which can be paid monthly (Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages) or added to loan principal to be paid when you die or go into long-term care (Lifetime Mortgages).

Lifetime Mortgages Interest Only, Lifetime Mortgages For Pensioners

Interest only lifetime mortgages are a type of loan available only to individuals over age 55 with property value of at least £70,000. You don’t have to provide any income proof to get the Interest only lifetime mortgage. They are cheaper option to a capital and repayment mortgage. The maximum amount you can borrow is generally determined by the value of your property, your age and sometimes your health. Continue reading

Great Inspiring Education Quotes from Top Techies

Checkout the great inspiring education quotes from tech icons like Marissa Mayer, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Learning is a lifelong process that starts at birth and ends with death. In today’s world, education is very necessary to make our dreams come true, get a good job, have a successful life and achieve goals. Although the most successful entrepreneurs of tech world have not completed college degree, they believe in the importance of ambition, self-belief and good teachers. Let’s take a look at ten inspiring educational quotes from top techies. These education quotes from tech icons will surely inspire you to follow the path of knowledge.

Great Inspiring Education Quotes from Top Techies

Education plays an important role to make children responsible citizens and good human beings. Not only that, education teaches us the good behavior and good manners as well as makes us capable of taking the right decisions in real life scenarios. Education even has a great impact on overall progress of society and nation. So, you must complete your education for a great career and being a good person in the future. Continue reading

Nokia X: Things you need to know about Nokia’s first Android phone

Nokia’s first Android phone – Nokia X comes with a fairly decent specs list and in multiple color options that too at an affordable price of Rs. 8599. Read on to know important things about this Dual SIM smartphone.

Nokia was once the King of budget handset category and it still has a very strong base of loyal fans who really love Nokia products. At MWC 2014, Nokia X series smartphones (Nokia X, X+ and XL) based on Android OS managed to grab all the limelight from high end launches. Out of all three devices, Nokia X is super affordable smartphone priced at just Rs. 8599. The build quality on the Nokia X is excellent, plus the device comes in six different shades: Black, White, Cyan, Red, Green and Yellow. The Nokia X is an entry-level Android smartphone, equipped with a 4-inch display (800×480 pixels), 1500mAh battery, 3MP camera, 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, microSD card support up to 32GB. If you are planning to buy this new device, there are some crucial aspects you should know in detail to better understand about the handset. Now let’s see different ways in which the Nokia X is different from other devices coming with same price tag.

Nokia X: Nokia's first Android phone

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How to cope with Gas Geyser Syndrome Problem?

Find out prevention methods for the Gas Geyser Syndrome to reduce the chances of becoming ill with its side effects like fatigue, seizure, cardiac arrest, etc.

Geyser helps you to get hot water in little time and refresh your mood. But have you ever thought that your geyser can make you seek with serious kind of syndrome? Yes, it’s true. As per the recent incidents, people found unconscious in their bathroom while bathing. There is nothing related to your bathing habit or timing of your bathing; it’s related to geyser that you are using to get hot water. Gas Geyser is the key reason why adults have found unconscious while having trip to bathroom. If you are not aware of it, then let us explain you in details what you can do to prevent gas geyser syndrome.

Symptoms and prevention of Gas Geyser Syndrome

What is Gas Geyser Syndrome?

Domestic Gas cylinder is used for cooking purpose, however from past few years, it is also useful to get hot water by gas geyser. Besides electric geyser, gas geysers are cheaper and last for long time. For family of four, one gas cylinder of 20 kg last for 3 moths by costing nearly Rs.1,200 to 1,300. Continue reading

ScanWritr: Document Scanner, PDF converter and Editor for android

Carry handy Android scanner, “ScanWritr” in your pocket…to scan documents, convert documents into PDFs, add signature to documents and share it with others through e-mail, fax, social media, etc.

Want to save photos on your computer to create online photo gallery or email images? Or keep digital records of all significant documents, receipts, newspaper clippings, magazine? Then, nothing is better than Scanner to make your goal of a paperless home or office a reality. You are able to scan items that you discover, and can copy things on computer using scanner. All scanning items can be changed manually. Generally, scanner scans items as images and store in several TIFF, GIF, and JPG formats. In addition, it also converts documents into PDF Format. However, it is not possible to carry high-weighted scanner everywhere, for it portable scanner is good choice for business meeting when they want a copy of something that someone else has. In this digital era, you don’t need any big or portable device, because here we are going to give information about brand new, easy-to-use professional document scanner and PDF converter application, named ScanWritr. By downloading this application, you can scan sheet of paper you want through Android device’s built-in camera and write on the documents. Along with scanning facility, it also gives ability to convert documents into PDFs, enhance scan quality, add signature to documents, send it to the receiver via e-mail, fax, social media, etc.

ScanWritr Scan, convert, and edit screenshot

ScanWritr is very straightforward, shiny new, simple to use proficient report scanner, and PDF converter that does not require any lengthy process. It is really good application for business consumers to scan any important document during business meeting. It is very easy to use; you can start by taking photo with application’s in-built camera interface, or import an existing image from your gallery. You can also adjust focus just by tapping the screen. If you think your image is big, then crop it to your desired size using small handles. After that, it scans only required portion to generate final copy. Moreover, it enables users to alter paper size (A4 or letter) and rotate the image clockwise or counter-clockwise. Once you are satisfied with the selected portion of the image, tick mark to import the document. Continue reading