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How to Pay Las Vegas Traffic Ticket online?

No need to visit Las Vegas Township Justice Court to resolve an unpaid traffic ticket, because now you can pay Las Vegas traffic ticket by phone, by web and in person.

Traffic ticket is the notice given by a city or county police officer to a motorist or other road user for driving offense like rough driving, speeding, failure to follow traffic lights, making illegal U-turns, seat belt violations, driving without a license and many other actions that are considered unsafe. Nobody enjoys paying a traffic ticket…but if you have received traffic ticket, then you have to take appropriate actions to properly handle traffic tickets. Otherwise, unresolved violations can result in serious consequence like steep fines and license suspension. To handle traffic ticket, you have to follow any one of three options – (1) simply pay the fine, (2) attend traffic school, and (3) contest the ticket in front of a judge. Whichever option you choose, you must contact the court before the selected court date to arrange one of the above. But at present, many courts within the city of Las Vegas enable drivers to pay their traffic ticket instantly online. If you are living in the Las Vegas, then you don’t need to make a trip at court to pay your traffic ticket, because The Las Vegas Township Justice Court accepts all traffic tickets by phone, by web and in person.

Police officer give traffic ticket to person Continue reading

What change you still want to see happen in Television?

From the first day when TV got place in our living room and life, lots of changes have occurred in our daily schedule. Many changes have been occurred in television during its 80 years of journey to offer us best entertainment. Change is the Law of nature; so people want to see further changes in television like in its broadcasting, channels, programs, news and advertisements in future. Before some years we had heard about revolutionary stories of flat TV, and now we have them in our drawing room with great sound system. But this is just beginning of revolution of television. Let’s see, what different types of changes will take place in television and digital system in near future.

What change you still want to see happen in Television?

The second screen format: It is an amazing idea to have more than one screen in one single screen of television. Television and media personnel are trying to create TV occupied with multiple screens that you will see in next 15-30 years. It may contain different features such as watch, control, interact, share, etc. It will change your TV in the image of your recent smartphone and tablet with multi-tasking capacity. Continue reading

How to File a Claim for Hertz PlatePass Settlement?

Don’t miss out a chance to receive money you deserve! If you rented a Hertz vehicle between July 1, 2006 and March 31, 2010 with the “PlatePass” service, then you may be entitled to a cash refund from a class action settlement. Rental car agency, Hertz Corporation, agreed to pay $11,004,000.00 to settle a class action lawsuit concerning allegations of conspiring with an electronic toll company to charge customers too much fees. Awards will differ based on how many times you paid fees or tolls associated to PlatePass. If you have determined that you are a member of this class action settlement, then file a claim form to get the benefits at You are able to file a claim easily for the Hertz PlatePass class action lawsuit settlement through this website. Sign up now to get class action. How to File a Claim for Hertz PlatePass Settlement?

About case: Doherty et al. v. The Hertz Corp. et al., Case No. 10-cv-00359, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

The case was preliminarily approved on July 1, 2013, though it still requires final approval scheduled on October 15, 2013. Check out the important dates of Hertz PlatePass Settlement at the site. If you choose to file a claim form, and the settlement administrator has confirmed that you are eligible and your claim form is valid, then only you will get a refund. You will get a refund of definite percentages of the PlatePass-related charges that you paid during the Class Period. Basically, you will receive a refund of 67% of the charges that you paid, as the first payment while if you pay it another time, then you will receive 38% of the charges. Continue reading

How to track unclaimed life insurance money?

One of the steps that you like to take for the better future of your loved ones is to leave some money for them after your death. So every person should have life insurance policy to provide some assistance to their loved ones. As per the survey, almost 25% of life insurance policies remain unclaimed simply because beneficiaries are not aware about the policies and its benefits. Whenever life insurance policy of your family member or relative gets lost or unclaimed after his/her death, then you have to be ready for lots of foot work and detective work to know that person has leaved something more than just memories for your better future.

How to track unclaimed life insurance money?

What Insurance Companies do with unclaimed money?

Every state has different rules that have to be followed by all insurance companies. As per the government’s rule, insurance company has to track the updates in database to find out that when a policy holder is receiving the pension. It will help insurance company to know about the death of policy holder and to give the benefits of insurance to the beneficiary that described in the policy. But when insurance company do not work towards searching the right beneficiary though they have the information of the death of policy holder; it is called as an enveloping industry practice. Continue reading

Does h2o kit for car really works?

HHO gas is said to be one of the best alternatives to gasoline and diesel. A car running on HHO gas can provide you with a number of benefits. For instance, it can improve the efficiency & mileage of your vehicle by as much as 40 percent, and you can literally save a lot of money every month in the amount that you spend on fuel. Plus, it can make your vehicle more eco-friendly because of the lower harmful exhaust gas emissions. Unfortunately, 100% water-run cars are still in the development stage, but even now you can enjoy all the benefits of HHO fuel. All you have to do is install a HHO kit in your car. With this kit, you can readily convert your own car into a fuel saving HHO-hybrid car.

Does h2o kit for car really works?

A H2O kit, also known as hydrogen kit or Hydrogen generator kit is a simple conversion kit that can convert your conventional car to burn HHO gas. There’s a common misconception among many people that installing a H2O kit means the car will then solely run on water. Because of this mistaken belief, many people even doubt whether these kits actually work. But the fact is that HHO gas is meant only to supplement the fuel you use in your car. It means, your vehicle still runs on gasoline/diesel, but the injection of HHO into the engine greatly reduces the fuel consumption of your car, and ultimately leads to a remarkable increase in fuel economy. Continue reading

How does cng kit work in vehicle?

With continuous rise in petrol & diesel prices, more and more people are switching to CNG to fuel their vehicles. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is said to be one of the most feasible alternative fuel options available today. It is cheaper, cleaner, more efficient, and even eco-friendlier than other petroleum-based fuels. People can enjoy all these benefits of natural gas in either of the two ways – one is by purchasing a new natural gas vehicle and the other is by converting their existing vehicle to run on CNG by introducing a CNG conversion kit in it. Unfortunately, natural gas vehicles are quite expensive than conventional gasoline vehicles, and also they are available only in very limited markets. This has eventually resulted in increased demand for compressed natural gas (CNG) kit among the vehicle owners.


With the help of a CNG kit, almost any vehicle running on gasoline or diesel can be converted to CNG. Mainly there are two types of CNG kits – Dedicated fuel kit and Bi-fuel kit. Having a dedicated fuel kit means your vehicle will run only on CNG, whereas the bi-fuel kit allows your vehicle to run on both gasoline/diesel and natural gas. Generally, people prefer the bi-fuel CNG kit over the dedicated kit, since the former one enables the car to run on CNG without eliminating the ability to operate on regular gasoline/diesel. Now, let’s see how this bi-fuel CNG kit is installed in the vehicle and how does it works. Continue reading

How to Win Samsung Galaxy S3 Online?

Samsung is popular for smartphones with stylish designs as well as user-friendly features, and this time they are bent on thrashing their own record with Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has already stimulated the market and once again it has proved that company rules the perch. It boasts one of the thinnest dimensions with a very slim 8.6mm design, runs on the Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and powered by a 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor.

Win Samsung Galaxy S3 Online

Are you also planning to buy this new Samsung Galaxy S3? Then here is great news for you, as you could win this smarphone without spending a penny. You will be surprised by hearing this, isn’t it? But it’s true – there are different ways available online to win Samsung Galaxy S3 including sweepstakes, giveaway, contest, etc. So, many ways to win just try your luck, and enjoy best mobile entertainment with its dual core processor, game hub and also a music hub. The refined OS assures ease and sensibility and you can get pleasure from rich notifications, easy multitasking and interactivity, customizable home screens, and resizable widgets. Read on to know about how to win Samsung Galaxy S3 online? Continue reading

Collagetastic for iOS: How to Create Photo Collages and send as postcards?

Instead of sharing pictures individually, create collage to share & enjoy life’s memorable moments on single photograph. Swapping a huge collection of photo consumes too much time, so people prefer collage-maker service in this busy life. Most of us know about online collage-maker; but do you know that you can create stunning picture pile collages on iOS device and share it as a postcard. Yessss…. it has become possible with collagetastic app that helps people to create beautiful picture collages using photos from their Facebook, Instagram, library and more. Collagetastic enables you to create beautiful photo collages with effects, backgrounds and frames. You can send your created photo collages to your friends, family members, relatives as a postcard via Facebook, twitter or email.

Collagetastic for iOS: How to Create Photo Collages and send as postcards?

Collagetastic is really unique app compared to other photo apps. All offered effects of Collagetastic are pretty amazing. At some stage in the creation, you can select background image for the collages. It is not only limited to your captured photo, but also allows you to import photos to the app directly from your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Instagram accounts. This app is really cool and easy to use. The main feature of this application is that you can get a physical copy of your formation by sending a postcard. It is loaded with many creative features that give more fun putting together collages of your life’s best events. Photo filter is really amazing, which is offered with the movie-themed filters. Continue reading

Samsung eMMC (embedded multimedia card): All you need to know about

Store up to 16,000 MP3 files with solitary flash storage memory package…You may not believe in this sentence because generally people are familiar with most common 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash memory. But Samsung is forcing people to believe in it because it has announced the production of embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC), which is four times faster ultra-fast embedded memory compared to available eMMC solutions. If you are looking for a speed up flash memory, then Samsung eMMC is the perfect solution for you that offered in three densities – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Samsung Pro Class 1500 eMMC module delivers up to 149 MB per second speeds for storage with the writing speed of up to 50 MB per seconds.

Samsung eMMC (embedded multimedia card)

Samsung is specially going to manufacture Pro Class 1500 eMMC to enhance the performance of forthcoming first-class mobile products. Samsung also claims that this ultra-fast memory card is accomplished to procedure approximate 3500/1500 IOPS when writing a data. With this card, users can not only rise up the performance of device, but also climb up the user experience of web browsing, social networking site, graphics rich gaming and 3D and HD video capture and playback. Continue reading

Some Useful Network Operator’s Customer Care Contact Numbers

Nowadays, craze for mobile phones is increasing as nearly everyone has a mobile phone. A mobile network operator, supplier of wireless communications services, manages the entire essential elements to sell and deliver various services including customer care, to its customers. Customer care services offer you relief by dealing with your complaints. If you want to get services of new network operator, want to cancel the service of previous network operator, facing any difficulty with your network, recharge your services, or want to inquire about any network operator, recent promos, service centers, dealer shops, and call problems then you can call at that network operator’s customer care contact numbers.

Some Useful Network Operator's Customer Care Contact Numbers

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Your one call to customer care will help you in getting rid of your problem. So you need to keep the network operator’s customer care contact numbers handy as whenever you require, you can use it. Some useful network operator’s customer care contact numbers are given below for your convenience. Continue reading