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AC3 Audio format not supported in MX Player [Solved]

ac3 audio format not supported mx player

The latest update in MX player removes  two audio codecs: AC3 and MLP. So many users are facing problem of not running audio in some video formats. Mostly this problem comes when you open video of .MKV or .AVi movie print. You can see only a pictures without any audio or sometime you can not activate dubbed audio. I have also downloaded MX player Audio Coded Pack from Android Play store but it didn’t solved my AC3 Audio format not Supported problem. Let’s check how to get AC3 Audio codec in MX Player. Continue reading

How to add new custom Commands to Google now with Commandr App?

Commandr is a new smart app that allows users to make their own Google Now Commands to control toggle settings, flashlight, audio playback, and more!

Google Now is truly one of the best features available for Android users that allow them to issue voice commands to their device. No doubt it has lots of voice-activated functionality like making a call or sending a message, but still some useful commands are missing. For example, it lacks the ability to control the toggle settings. While it’s pretty much unclear whether Google Now will ever support such a feature, Ryan Senanayake (the developer behind Open Mic+ for Google Now) has come up with a superb app to fill this gap. Dubbed as Commandr, this revolutionary app enables you to control your device’s flashlight, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, music player, and many things using simple voice commands! What’s more, it is even integrated with the popular automation app Tasker, which means you can literally make your android device do anything with voice commands, like turn ON the ceiling fan!

add new custom Commands to Google now with Commandr App

There’s no doubt in that Commandr has been developed to make Google Now even more powerful and efficient. Earlier, in order to make a command work, users were required to tell “note to self” before any instruction. But now with new version 2.0, there’s no need to mention the extra “note to self” phrase. Instead you can quote a direct comment! For example, open Google Now and simply say “Turn on the flashlight”, and you’ll see that the flashlight of your device automatically turns ON. And the best thing about the app – commands works fully online! Continue reading

How to recover lost Microsoft Office documents with Office Recovery Wizard?

Install free file recovery software – Office Recovery Wizard to retrieve and save your deleted, corrupted and overwritten Microsoft Office documents.

Working on computer, it might happen that important Microsoft office files get deleted accidently or corrupted. Word DOC or Excel XLS files of any office PC are most important and it is time-consuming when you have to re-create them due to unwanted deleting process or corrupted hard disk. Now, with the help of free file recovery software – Office Recovery Wizard you can recover your lost or corrupted data files.

Software to recover lost Microsoft Office documents with Office Recovery Wizard

About Office Recovery Wizard Software:

Office Recovery Wizard is potential software that helps you to restore your lost or corrupted documents easily. It recovers all deleted and corrupted files instantly, so you can see live preview of your deleted or corrupted file and select files you want to save in your computer. Besides paying more money to other professionals to retrieve your data, simply install office recovery wizard software on your computer to save money and retrieve files like professional. It is available in free and paid versions. Continue reading

FastStone Capture – Easily capture or record your screen video

FastStone Capture is a simple and easy-to-use screen capture tool that allows users to capture screen activity as video and pictures.

Meet FastStone Capture – an excellent screen capture tool cum screen video recorder available for Windows. With this lightweight, yet amazingly powerful software, you can easily capture and annotate almost anything on your screen. It offers support for several modes of screen capture like full screen, active window, rectangular region of the screen, a free hand region, a fixed region, and a scrolling window, which is perfect for capturing an image of a lengthy web page. Plus, it has some great editing tools using which you can add a personal touch to your images. If an image isn’t enough, then you can even record all on-screen activities including speech from microphone, onscreen changes, cursor movements and mouse clicks, into impressive highly-compressed video files. What’s more, you can ask the software to dispatch your captures directly to files, the clipboard, printer, email, Word/PowerPoint document, or websites. All these things indeed make FastStone one of the most versatile screen capture tools out there. Just go through the article to know more about this super-handy program.

FastStone Capture screenshot

FastStone Capture Review

Primary Interface

FastStone has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. It smartly hides a plethora of tools and options in a small floating toolbar. Two dropdown menus are also included in this toolbar for output selection and settings. No doubt, such a minimalist interface is one of the most prominent features of the software. You can readily capture screenshots or screen videos with just a single click on the toolbar! Continue reading

How to Protect Your Computer Against Autorun Infections?

An infected USB drive can attack your PC with Autorun Infections. To get rid of this, one can protect their PC using USB Immunizer that prevents the autorun file from running.

USB flash drive is a wonderful tool for transferring files from one computer to another. With an ever-growing popularity, it has been used by each individual and become an ideal target for hackers and other cyber criminals for setting up viruses and other harmful code.

Autorun Protection

The existing personification of Autorun Infections is a pattern of file in the original list of removable media, called autorun.inf. If someone has inserted a USB flash drive or CD and had a program run automatically, then it means that autorun was following it. It is obvious that autorun is common at all places, but one should prevent it. Prevention measures should be taken when one is doing online work like the sites we visit, the files we download and placing them on their USB stick. The most important thing is that one must have a protection system enabled on their computer with a modernized antivirus, and also an enabled firewall. Continue reading

Opera Max app for Android – Extend data plan life by up to 50 percent

Good news for Android users. They can extend their data plan life by up to 50% with a new android data-savings app called Opera Max.

These days, almost all of us are buying a data plan (capped or unlimited) for using social networks, downloading/uploading stuffs or surfing internet. To stay within data plan’s monthly bandwidth allowance, users without unlimited data plan try to conserve data usage by downloading offline reading apps, turning off the 3G network, etc. Now, they don’t have to worry about exceeding the cap as they can decrease the data usage by up to 50% with an amazing app named Opera Max.

Opera Max app for Android

Opera Max
is an Android data-savings app from Opera. It is free and easy to use app with user-friendly interface. The app is particularly made for extending the life of your data plan by compressing video, images and text. It is a perfect app for people who are roaming internationally and using a pre-paid data plan or Pay per use plan. The app is able to reduce data usage up to 50% using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Continue reading

Stay aware about battery life with Energy bar on your Android screen

Want to try something new for your android smartphone’s battery status indicator? Then, Energy bar android app is all what you need.

Android smartphones have made our life easy as they connect us to email, social networks, music, movies and an app store with 1000s of options for downloading at one click. Along with this, they come with huge, bright LCD screens, Wi-Fi, faster hardware and 3G/4G connectivity. The combination of these amazing features sucks up lots of battery. The default battery status indicator (green bar or a percentage meter) on your Android smartphone is boring and dull. You can make the default battery life indicator colorful with the help of a cool app named Energy Bar.

Stay aware about battery life with Energy bar on your Android screen

Energy bar is battery monitoring app developed by XDA Developers. The app is free and easy to use. It has user-friendly interface. It offers a new way to users to view battery status level. It displays the current battery level as a colored line instead of percentage. Users are allowed to customize different aspects of the interface, including the status bar. The app does not put any load on CPU. Continue reading

InPaint Photo Restoration software: Remove unwanted elements easily from Pictures

Are unwanted elements in photos annoying you? Try the InPaint Photo Restoration software and get rid of unwanted elements easily.

We all want to capture photographs as clear as a professional photographer. But while taking the photo, unexpected elements or unwanted objects come in the background most of the time. These unwanted elements ruin an otherwise good photograph. We cannot avoid the unwanted objects but we can remove them from the image with the help of photo editing tools and softwares. InPaint is one such software that lets you to remove unwanted elements from the pictures.

Remove unwanted elements from photo

InPaint is a photo restoration software, which remove unwanted objects from pictures quickly and efficiently. Maxim Gapchenko has developed the software. It has user-friendly interface so any person without any specialist knowledge or photo editing skills can use it easily. It takes only few minutes to remove unwanted elements and retouch your photos. InPaint provides extremely impressive results that do not look retouched. Continue reading

Mobogenie lets you install apps, manage and backup android phone from Computer

Market is flooded with Android devices of every size, shape and color. But, these Android devices don’t have a PC suite built-in. So, we need to install a PC suite from the manufacturer site to manage our Android smartphone or tablet content from a PC. There are also many third party softwares that let you access and manage your Android phone from PC. Mobogenie is one such Android phone manager.

Mobogenie lets you install apps, manage and backup android phone from Computer

Mobogenie is a versatile and free all-in-one powerful Android manager application for mobile. It is one of the best and easy to use applications to manage all your android phone tasks on your PC, regardless of brand. It has user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The app allows you to manage Android phone contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos and apps from PC in a satisfactory way. Continue reading

How to Download and Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop?

Whatsapp has become a popular Instant Messenger app in a very short time period for its great features like unlimited chatting with friends, sending images, audios, videos, and any other file, that too offered free of cost. Nowadays people are using WhatsApp to send/receive messages, instead of the message service available by their telecom so it’s huge breakdown in the income of mobile telecoms. It is an amazing application on which an average 1 Billion messages are sent per day.

How to Download and Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop?

Installing WhatsApp for smartphone is very simple; however you may be wondering how to use this awesome application on your PC or Laptop. There are numerous people, who always search for ‘WhatsApp Application for PC/Laptop’ ‘Download WhatsApp on PC,’ etc. Your answer is here – Bluestacks software through which you are able to download and use WhatsApp on your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or MAC (Beta) operating system. Check out here detailed guidance about how to download, install and start using WhatsApp on your computer for free using Bluestacks. Continue reading