PocketDroid: Specs, Price & Review of great iPod Touch Alternative


PocketDroid is product of china and manufactured by one of the renowned companies who manufacture iPhone and iPad. PocketDroid is the mini Android 2.2 tablet having 4.3 inch screen. This tablet is not branded under any name and comes directly from Original equipment producer.

PocketDroid: Specs, Price & review of great iPod Touch Alternative

It indicates that the tablet will cost the customers the lowest price as brand name, markup, middle retailer are not associated with the tablet, it can be directly bought from the manufacturing company through their official site; however, it has been sold by other dealers also with their sum of profit. The price of the product is not as much as other tablets but all important features are installed in the device.

This tablet can attract anyone due to its compact size which fits the pocket. The smaller size of PocketDroid does not reduce the features of the tablet rather it holds the same features of the larger Android tablets. This mini tablet has 4.3 inch resistive touch screen. The PocketDroid Mini Android 2.2 Tablet is introduced by China which is the country known for Android tablets, gadgets, PC and many other modern technologies. When this tablet will be made available to all over the world; the demand will increase for it as this tab is the perfect choice for gifting somebody or using it for office purpose as well for entertainment. It is the total package available in a compact size.

PocketDroid is enclosed with 800MHz processor which is usually found in all the large tablets for high accuracy. This tablet has very bright video feature due to 300MHz DSP installed in it to view and to capture bright videos. The user can store as much data as preferred by him or her because this tablet has 256MB of RAM which is in-built in this small device. Well, it is not provided with expandable memory but has a hard drive capacity of 4GB. Therefore, the tablet works smoothly with these specifications.

PocketDroid Mini Tablet facilitates everything which is needed for amusement and connectivity service because of Android 2.2 available with the tablet. One can enjoy all online services through Wi-Fi. Even the user can use Facebook application, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and enjoy many online applications. One can share pictures with their friends, send mails and even play popular games like Angry Birds. Thousands of free applications can be opted from free Android Marketplace using internal flash memory of 4GB.

Nowadays, Tablets have replaced efficiently the use of PCs, Laptops, notebooks etc. It is more useful to students as well to businessman who carry their business work simply on tablets also. Researchers are also benefited by the use of tablets. In all, the tablet has reached to almost everyone in the world. The good-looking tablets also possess the excellent features that can fulfill the demand of computer, phone as well of any other entertaining gadget so it would be the great for tablet lovers if the same device will be available with lower size and lower price in the form of PocketDroid Mini Tablet. This tablet can be yours at very affordable price of  $72 around for a single tab. Pleasingly, the manufacturers provides discount for buying more than one tablet.


  • Highlighting features:
    • Mini Android 2.2 tablet
    • 4.3 inch resistive touchscreen
    • Onscreen Keyboard
    • Internal memory: 256MB RAM
    • MicroSD card for expandable memory : not included
    • Hard flash drive memory: 4GB
    • 800MHz processor
    • 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
    • Connectors: USB port, 3.5mm Headphone, Micro SD card reader, DC jack
    • Entertainment: Video, Audio, Pictures, e-book
  • Package:
    • Mini Android 2.2 Tablet
    • USB Cable
    • Power Adapter
    • User Manual

Mini Tablet fits Your Pocket:


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