Top 10 AC Brands that are worth investing in India


Air conditioners have become one of the basic necessities in India for all the middle class and upper class families. With the continuous increase in temperature in summers the heat has become unbearable with fans or coolers. ACs is the products that one can find in every home now. Due to continuous increase in temperature during summers, India is racing up the ladder in respect to number of Ac users. There are multiple number of brands that are manufacturing the world class air conditioners in market.

Top 10 AC Brands in India

With the increase in the competition the new features are continuously making the way in. There are number of models that are designed frequently in ACs by different brands. Below is the list of 10 top brands that you can blindly trust with the quality of ACs they manufacture.

10 Best Air Conditioning Brands of India

  1. O’General
  2. Daikin
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. Hitachi
  5. Panansonic
  6. carrier
  7. Blue Star
  8. LG
  9. Samsung
  10. Trane

1: O’General


The brand honoured by the Bureau of Energy efficiency for its energy saving feature. This brand is highly trusted among the consumers for energy saving. These Ac are among the most reliable ACs. It ensures excellent cooling and are very consistent. The price of Ac ranges from 25000INR to 60000INR.

Some of the most prominent models are:

  • ASGA12BMTA – 1.0 Ton
  • ASGA18FMTA – 1.5 Ton
  • ASGA24FMTA – 2 Ton
  • ASGA18FTTA – 1.5 Ton

2: Daikin


One of the century old Japanese brands, Daikin is the most successful brand in world market for AC. This is the one brand that one can trust blindly in regards of quality and trust. The ACs they manufacture range between 18000 INR to 50000 INR.

Most popular ACs this brand is selling:

  • FTXR series
  • FTXG series
  • DTKM Series
  • ATKM series.

3: Mitsubishi Electric


The brand known for supplying the best electronic devices is Mitsubishi. Features like Catechin Plus Air Purification system, hi CFM enabling fastest cooling, Excellent energy efficiency makes it one of the most trusted air conditioner brands. The best part about this brand is its eco friendly operation.

Other features that may interest you are: Wide throw range, Quiet operation, Auto restart, Econo Cool etc makes it one of the best AC brand to invest in.

Some of the most popular AC models:

  • MSZ-FS series
  • MSZ-HJ series
  • MSZ-EF series

4: Hitachi


Hitachi is one of the another Japan conglomerate electronic companies that laid its first brick in Tokyo around 1920. Well-known for the production of most energy efficient air conditioners this brand is widely trusted. Features introduced by Hitachi include: Anti-bacterial filters and auto climate control will blow your mind. The price ranges between 25000INR to 70000 INR.

Some of the very famous AC models by Hitachi are:

  • Zunoh 200f
  • Kaze Neo
  • Kashikoi 400i
  • Kashikoi 200i
  • Summer TM
  • KAZE Reidan (H & C)

5: Panasonic


One of the leading Ac brands is the Panasonic that is known for providing best service in India. The prominent Split AC supplier, Panasonic is also known for providing best customer service. With the 5 star rating it has become one of the prominent AC supplier.

Prominent AC models:

  • CS/CU-C45FFH9
  • CS-D34DD2H59
  • CS-D24DD2H59

6: Carrier


Carrier media India is one of the leading brands when it comes to supplying Ac. The best assured quality is one of the reasons why one should invest in it. Carrier is the brand that is very well known in India with 5 star rating.

Top rated models:

  • Superia 365 inverter
  • Superia 5i inverter
  • Superia 4i inverter

7: Blue Starblue-star-5HW18SB


Blue Star is one of the oldest electronic companies that established its existence in 1943 in India. This company is well known for the production of Air conditioners and refrigerators. The price range of ACs is 22000 INR to 1,00,000 INR. This brand is known to popular at both residential and commercial front.

Some of the most popular models are:

  • 5HW12SC 1 Ton Split AC
  • 5HW18SB 1.5 Ton Split AC
  • CNHW09CAF 0.75 Ton Split AC

8: LG


One of the other South Korean companies that have made its mark throughout the world for its remarkable electric appliances is LG. Along with the great performance LG also offers the best service facility. ACs at affordable prices and best quality is what LG has to offer to all its customers. Price range of the ACs by LG lies between 18000 INR to 78000 INR.

Some of the most popular AC models of LG include:

  • BSA12IMA
  • BS-Q126B8R8
  • BSA18IMA
  • BS-Q186C8A4

9: Samsung


One of the most popular brands in India Samsung is the South Korean private conglomerate. Starting from the cell phones and to all the electric appliances Samsung has never let anyone down. Among all other products Samsung is one of the trusted brands in Air Conditioners. They manufacture AC offering extreme comfort and features. The price range lies between 20K to 70K.

Some of the widely sold ACs is:

  • Triangle Inverter AC

10: Trane


The brand known for its energy efficiency and 5 star electronic products, Trane is among the leading AC brands. With the greater SEER rating it is one of the most trusted and eco friendly brands to inest in India.

Top selling Models include:

  • TSR12MW4
  • TSR12MW5

These are all trusted and tested brands that are worth investing in. these brands are among the top selling brands in India when it comes to air conditioners.


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