7 Unexpected and Incredible Uses of 3D Printers


3D Printer Uses

In Geek world 3D printer born before thirty years, but in last 2-3 years this name is becoming popular among common people also. More and more examples keep appearing in news that they made blah, blah blah.. with 3d printer. Some of these 3d printing applications are unique and shocking which will blow your mind.

[1] 3D Printed fully functional Car:
3D Printed Car

Yes, you can drive it on road!

Team at Local motors has started a unique product development system to change the game of American car industry. At their website any one can submit their idea about dream car. People will vote about your imagination. If all things go well, there will be fully functional car that can be purchased.

[2] 3D Printed Concrete Castle:

3D Printed Concrete Castle

May be in near future, you can print whole fantasy land of your own. 3D concrete printing allows building customized concrete structure from computer aided design. Architect, engineers, designs and builder can interact with their suggestion and discussion with Andrey Rudenko, the owner of this project.

[3] Artificial Human Organ:

In 2013 Cornell university developed 3D tissue printing technology.
3D tissue printing

Soon, a new organ can be printed from your DNA to match with your body. A real living cell & tissue can be arranged in a way that can form a new organ.
Sugababe 3d ear

Sugababe: A living replica of Vincent van Gogh’s ear which is printed using 3D tissue printing technology.

They are using microphone to capture sound wave and feed them in nerve impulses to the brain. This promising technology might not be affordable now, but opens the new doors of medical science.

[4] Fine art reproduction:
Oce 3D printer

Oce 3D printer & Tim Zaman 3d scanning allow scanning 3D image of master art. It captures all the micro details of the subject, and print in colors with 3D surface. This 3d printer uses two regular cameras and other instruments to capture 40 millions of points in single capture. OCE 3D printer allows to print the details captured using Tim Zaman’s technology.

This technology might be controversial, but can also be used for art restoration & conservation.

[5] 3D printed Gun:
3D printed Gun

Leading 3D printing service, Solid Concepts has created a real working gun from powder metal & laser sintering process. This gun was also tested successfully for 50 rounds bullet. Total components of this gun were more than 650 which are generated with 3D technology. In near future they are planning to sell customized gun of your choice which can be delivered in 5 days.

[6] 3D printed clothes:

3D printed clothes

In future you won’t have to worry about style & fitting. Because your wardrobe will be filled with all the clothes, which are made only for your body shape.

Designer Michael Schmidt & 3D printing service Shapeways created black gown especially for Dita Von Teese. After that their design studio Nervous System created 3D dress which is as flexible as real fabric. They prints thousands of mini pieces and assembled them to form a wearable dress.

[7] 3D Printed Chocolate:

3D printed chocolate

Chocedge is a company which can print a unique chocolate of your shape. If you want to start business of 3D chocolate, they are also selling machine worth £ 2,888.00. But their shapes are more 2D rather than 3D.

Chocolate giant brand Hershey also showed demo of 3D chocolate printing device. They have technology to print chocolate and sugar candy also.

You might be amazed that even NASA is also interested and funding 3d food printing technology. It is sure that 3d printing is going to radically impact our future.


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