10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY


At present, Android is the best-selling Smartphone platform on the globe. Google filled up thousands and thousands of apps to its application platform, Google PLAY Store, which is formerly called as the Android Market. Google PLAY Store is a haven for all Android smartphone and tablet users who are keen on mobile apps & games. As far as gaming is concerned, Google Play store is lavished with a plethora of free Android games, but it’s a little bit confusing to opt for tremendous games from such a huge library. Many people get their android games info directly from the Google and Yahoo search, but they never get correct and straight info always. Go through this article and get the correct & right away info about the top 10 Free Android Games available on Google PLAY.

10. Greedy Spiders Free

Greedy Spiders Free

Greedy Spiders is a challenging game from Blyts. The free edition of this much renowned game Greedy Spiders can challenge your intellect as you have to defend the bugs. Here, the voracious spiders are out in the wild and they are planning to wolf their friendly neighbors. Your task is to help the trapped bugs to escape from the web of spider before they get eaten. There are 7 different types of bugs available.

The game includes 86 challenging levels and you will be surprised for every new level. Creating a plan is the main key to win this game. As you steps forward through the new levels, new spiders, new surprises and new actions will be available. Swindle a spider, destroy the spider web by fire or even make use of a supernatural power to save the bugs. Take advantage of everything at your hands in this breath-taking journey to avert the bugs from being eaten. Cautiously plan your run off from Scary Crypts, Wild Hills and many other circumstances to attain the final cut scene.

9. Draw Something Free

Draw Something is a most popular guessing and social drawing game on Android. The game comes with both free and paid versions. Play the Free version of game for getting a feel of the game. It includes a turn-based game-play which brings friends together as collaborators to draw basic objects as well to notice how long they can persist for guessing one another’s drawings correctly. You can challenge your friends on Twitter or Facebook, or else you can be automatically associated with new gaming buddies.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

Once you have developed a game with friends through Twitter, Facebook, or through the game registration, you will get 3 alternatives (easy, medium, or hard) of objects to draw that your friends will have to identify. A particular object will be displayed to you and you will have to draw that object earlier than the time expires. Your buddies will have to guess and the one who make the correct guess will be rewarded with special bonuses and points. There is also a Bomb button that scatters some of the letters in collection to make it even easier to discover the word. When your friend successfully identifies your drawing, both of you will get coins on the basis of the difficulty of the word; 1 coin for easy words, 2 coins for medium, and 3 coins for hard words. The coins can be utilized to acquire more colors for better drawings and more bombs.

8. Move the Box

Move the Box is a logic puzzle which is deemed as one of the most excellent free Android games that you can obtain from the Google PLAY Store. With this game, your goal is to clear all the boxes that you perceive on your display. The graphics of the game ‘Move the Box’ is very well illustrated. Game’s level of difficulty will undeniably challenge your skill to solve puzzles.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

Here, you are able to move the boxes in 4 diverse directions: up, down, left or right. 3 or more boxes of the similar type in a line will disappear. Take your valuable time as long as you will be capable of solving the puzzle. You should not leave any box on the screen otherwise you will not be capable of playing the next level. There are 120 thrilling levels composed of different difficulties.

7. WordzUp! [Free Edition]

WordzUp is a classic word search game developed by Anthrological. This mind-draining puzzle game is named as a “Best Word Search Game” in “Best Android Apps”. The game is quick , funny and unique and it never repeats the similar one for second time. Build your vocabulary by seeking out hidden words on the board, and be smarter than your friends.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

The game-play of WordzUp is quite simple. Here, you have to find the hidden words from a grid earlier than the time expires. The game enables you to opt for a size of the grid, as well you can rotate the board to discover all the words. The maximum word length will be comprised of 5 letters while the minimum word length which you can set is 3. When you find a word, you can pick it from the grid by swiping your finger in vertical, horizontal or diagonal orders.

6. Bonsai Blast

Bonsai Blast is a thrilling Match-3 game that is developed by Glu Mobile. The game is quite similar to Zuma. Feel the Zen of the gaming heaven with this addictive puzzle game! The main intent of this game is clearing the marble chain and filling the marble bar. The game contains with intuitive touchscreen controls, a beautiful “Zen garden” theme and simple game play to delivers 90 levels of pure marble blasting pleasure.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

In this game, you will be tasked to match the colored balls in combos of three or more. For that, you require to just tap on a particular colored marble on the chain. You can also earn bonus points by matching more than 3 marbles. This game is suggested for fans of ZUMA, TETRIS, Trism, Bejeweled, Puzzloop, Wurdle, and Blackbeard’s Assault.

5. Jewels Star

One more classic Match-3 puzzle game launched on Android Market! Itfreegamer had developed funny and addictive Match-3 puzzle game, Jewels Star. The game is somewhat similar to Bejeweled, but it comes with some alterations. With Jewels Star, you will be challenged to win all the Jewels Star in each and every level. For that, you will be required to match 3 or more matching jewels. Match the jewels until the Jewels star appears on the board. You can pass the level by making that jewels star down to last line. As well, extra scores can be obtained by eliminating the jewels quickly.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

The game includes over 198 challenging levels with 8 pretty scenes which will take you to the snow world, mountains, starry skies and a lot more. You can win the jewel’s bomb and 1 lighting by matching the 4 jewels, the color-changing jewels and 2 lightings by matching 5 jewels, and 1 lighting by eliminating 20 jewels continuously. The jeweled bomb can remove the jewels around, the color-changing jewel can remove any other colored jewel, and lightning Jewel can remove jewels in one row. Chained jewel & frozen jewel can be released by eliminating the jewels around it.

4. Small Street

Do you love to play the games like Restaurant City and Farmville? Add Small Street to your list, definitely you will be addicted to this game. It is a virtual simulation game developed by Glu Mobile. Here, you will be challenged to build your own small town of apartments, shops and restaurants. After that, you will be tasked to grow the population of happy citizens and to develop a good future of your citizens. Hence, the future of the Small Street citizens is depended only on you.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

Here, you can build more than 40 different buildings and shops in five unique business types for populating your small street and employing your citizens. You can trade some goods daily to earn money and to extend your street. You can keep your business staffed; moreover, you can augment the stock of your shop to fulfill the growing needs of your town. Keep your citizens happy by providing them a dream house and a perfect job. The bonus rewards are also there; earn them to complete tasks and favors. You will be able to compete with others on the leaderboards after earning achievements. It seems that this game does well on the high-end and mid-ranged Android handsets instead of being installed on low-end devices.

3. Fruit Ninja [Free Edition]

A global chartbuster, Fruit Ninja, is now available on Android for FREE! It is a juicy action game developed for the frustrated ninjas and samurais. The game-play of this game is pretty simple; you will be challenged to hack all the squishy & juicy fruits that you perceive on your screen. Slash the fruits as much as you can for becoming the eventual bringer of sweet, tasty and fruity destruction. Swipe your finger across the display to hack some delicious fruit, at the same time, evade the bombs otherwise the game will be over!

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

The game is featured with the three exciting game-play modes: Classic, Zen and the Arcade. The game is even featured with powerups such as Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score. You can freely opt for a mode that goes best according to your skills. The bonus Dojo section is also there which contains unlockable blades and backgrounds. Furthermore, the Openfeint feature will allow you to unlock achievements and to post scores on the online leaderboards. It is the original and the most excellent slasher on Android!

2. Temple Run

Temple Run is a cool and thrilling action game developed by Imangi Studios. Initially, it was only released for iOS. However, a much anticipated Android version for this game is now made available to download, which comes with touch-based actions and cool new features. All Android mobile gamers were excited to get their hands on this splendid game since a long time and it’s finally emerged for them. Currently, Temple Run is becoming a top hit among the Android gamers and it has already topped through more than 1 million downloads.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

Running as far as possible is the main intent of this game. The game will take you on the incredible journey by means of old temples and ruins, which filled with obstacles and creepy creatures. By playing as one of the travelers, you will have to steal the cursed idol from the temple. After that, you will be confronted with a horde of Evil Demon Monkeys. So, you have to run for your life as you are trying to evade all those obstructions. Luckily, you can acquire some powerups and upgrades from the Temple Run store. To acquire these upgrades, you will have to use up the coins which you have accumulated while running away from the temple.

1. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds series is an eternal popular game series developed by Rovio Mobile, Ltd. Angry Birds Space is a recently launched line-up in this ever popular Angry Birds series. This is top hit game of the year and if you are in search of a game to play on your device then it is the perfect game for you. Angry Birds Space can be deemed as one of the top physics-based puzzle games in the mobile gaming arena. Angry Birds Space pursues the story of the Angry Birds who were fortuitously floated in a strange new galaxy of green pigs while chasing a giant claw which had kidnapped their eggs.

10 Must Download Free Games on Google PLAY

The planetary mechanics of the game is awesome. The game-play completely rocks, the zero-gravity atmospheres and planets and the whole thing presents us with a brand new feeling within the game. Knocking the green pigs off their platforms is a main intent of this game. You will be required to utilize a sling to propel the Angry Birds in the direction of the green pigs. The game includes 60 different interstellar levels that you have to complete, excluding the hidden bonus levels. Green pigs are greatly advanced in this game with new space ships, and you will need to face the boss green pig at the end of each level. The good, old Angry Birds have been keep continued but a new guy named Ice bird is included in the game. Ice bird just flies away and freezes foe structures, facilitating to dispel them more easily.


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