How Indian Spice Anaspati (Star Anise) may prevent & cure Swine Flu?


You might not believe, but Anaspati (Star Anise), an amazing Indian spice from kitchen may help you to prevent and cure swine flu naturally. But lets first get the idea about what all this hype about swine flu is actually.

This article has detailed information about current scenario of swine flu in India, its medicine and herbal options. If You are impatient to read all information, you can skip to the herbal medicine part from the following index:

How Swine flu is projected as most misunderstood and scared disease by media?

Swine flu news in media

The most misunderstood & scared flu is swine flu (Swine influenza), which is always attached with high death ratio. News & media are more responsible to scare the people. Let’s see headlines of Gujarat’s leading newspaper on 6thFeb 2015.

Total swine flu cases: 476
Death: 62

People conclude that mortality rate is around 13% from above figures. Some media also says it has increased to 23% rate in 2012.

Is it true?

May be not. Not all the infected people are detected and recorded to government figure. Also, all the infected people may not need treatment. Most people who come in contact with swine flu virus can stay out of illness due to high immunity. After all this is a game of immunity.

All the People living in same environment didn’t get cold or flu infection. The swine-flu is just viral infection as cold & seasonal flu. Then why so many people die?

Actually mortality is also higher in other infections, like pneumonia and influenza which is 8.5%, but we are not scared much from these diseases. Check

Common asked questions about Swine Flu


There are so many questions that you will get answered here.

  1. What are the changes that I will get swine flu in general?
    If you are diabetic, asthma patient, HIV patient, cancer patient, pregnant woman, old aged or too young, then your immunity might be lower against all the infections. You have more chances to get swine flu.If you are a healthy person, there is very low chance to get infected. We have seen a family of four people with close contacts to each other, where 3 are infected and one is not. That person might have good immunity.
  2. How is it transmitting?
    The swine flu virus lives in open environment for few hours (2 to 8 hours). Otherwise it lives in blood, saliva and other body fluid.How swine flu is transmitting?
  3. Why does it increase in cold season?
    According to wiki, in cold season people stay together in closed environments. Also virus lives longer in cold environments. Other diseases such as cold, flue and cough make the body weak which is more preferable for swine flu virus.
  4. How to know if I have swine flu?
    Patient with Swine flu is having same symptoms like flu: Fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, body paint, and headache. But it doesn’t go away easily. Swine flu test can be performed by special government approved labs. They detect the antigen associated with swine flu virus. It is not easily available test at your nearby lab.
  5. What is the proper treatment?
    Proper treatment is only given by medical professional with dose of antiviral drugs. There are two major drugs oseltamivirand zanamivir used in treatment. But lots of report says the virus is getting resistance to those drugs.
  6. How to deal with the patient?
    The patient must be isolated from close contact to any person. Government hospitals are creating isolated wards for swine flu. But if anyone have flu for more than 5 days and have doubt of swine flu, should be isolated in home or hospitals. Patient should not be scared to death, because not everyone who is infected is going to die. There are still more chance to survive than death.
  7. What are the precautions?
    Prevention includes the ways to avoid virus transmission. All the cases in 2nd answer must be avoided. Just as said above, Immunity is the king. There are lots of ways to improve your immunity against viral infections. Another good prevention is vaccine. We don’t have data about availability of vaccine in India. But vaccine should be recommended for pregnant women, children of 6 months to 5 years and elders of age 65 or more.

How to boost immunity against viral infections?

Natural Ways

  • Drink lots of water. Slight de-hydration makes the body weaker.
  • Avoid sugars & sweet foods. This makes the body weak. This is the major reason of infection in kids
  • Have enough sleep as the tired body is weak target of virus.
  • Avoid junk foods. Food with rich vitamins and minerals are key part of immunity.
  • Balanced amount of exercise makes body stronger against all the infections.

Herbal Ways

  • Basil (Tulsi) is nature’s best source of antibacterial & antiviral
  • Green tea boosts immunity
  • Garlic & ginger are also immunity boosters.
  • Sudarshan-vati is the best ayurvedic medicine that protects against flu, malaria & lots of viral fevers. It is mixture of lots of herbal medicines which you can’t find at your own. It is available in major medical stores in churn & tablet form.
  • Yashtimadhu is also considered as best antiviral source.
  • Giloy is always considered as immunity booster against fever and viral diseases.

Oseltamivir – Medicine for Swine flu

Oseltamivir is an antiviral medicine which is used in treatment of swineflu (InfuenzaA &Infuenza B).

In 1996, US-based Gilead Sciences discovered Oseltamivir and gave exclusive rights to Roche

US’s CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention) and UK’s National institute for health and care excellence recommended this medicine to prevent swin-flu or to treatment of swine flu.

WHO (World health organization) also added this medicine to list of most important medication needed in a basic health system.

Sources confirming that Oseltamivir is the medicine for Swine Flu

  • During 2011 a new influenza A (H1N1) 2009 variant with mildly reduced oseltamivir (and zanamivir) sensitivity was detected in more than 10% of community specimens in Singapore and more than 30% of samples from northern Australia.
  • While there is concern that antiviral resistance may develop in people with hematologic malignancies due to their inability to reduce viral loads and several surveillance studies found oseltamivir-resistant pH1N1 after administration of oseltamivir in those people, as of November 2013 widespread transmission of oseltamivir-resistant pH1N1 has not occurred.
  • Oseltamivir INN , marketed under the trade name Tamiflu, is an antiviral medication used to prevent and treat influenza A and influenza B (flu).The medication is taken orally.
  • Laboratory testing has found the H1N1 influenza A (swine flu) virus susceptible to the prescription antiviral drugs oseltamivir and zanamivir.
  • Indian government is also providing oseltamivir tablet for treatment of swinflu. Here is the picture of capsules and syrup.

Oseltamivir: Swine flu Medicine

Main Side effects: vomiting & headache
Pregnancy category: C

Star Anise – Herbal medicine for Swineflu

Star anise is known with various names like Illicium verum, star aniseed or Chinese star anise in different parts of the world.

It is actually a spice that is used since many years in Indian cooking. Since Blended Spices (Garam masala) are now readily available, people forgot the name and identification of this herb. Many Indian people are using star anise as spice, but most of them are not aware about their medical usage for treatment of flu.

Star anise is called as Anasphal, charkraful, badian or Badiya in India. It can be available at any good  kirana store. Here is the photo of anasphal to identify it.

Star Anise: Herbal medicine for Swine flu

Star anise might be good herbal medicine for prevention of swine flu. Actually Swine flu’s medicine Oseltamivir was originally made from star anise in the beginning. Star anise is the major source of shikimic acid which is used to make Oseltamivir medicine.

Lots of people believe that it has strong antibacterial & antiviral properties.

Source that Confirms Oseltamivir is made from Star anise:

  • Oseltamivir was discovered by scientists at Gilead using shikimic acid as a starting point for synthesis; shikimic acid was originally available only as an extract of Chinese star anise.
  • Star anise is the major source of the chemical compound shikimic acid, a primary precursor in the pharmaceutical synthesis of anti-influenza drug oseltamivir (Tami-flu).
  • With the onslaught of swine flu throughout the global community, there is a new push towards acquiring and stockpiling drugs that can be used to treat potentially lethal strains of influenza. According to medical science there is a pharmaceutical treatment option available called Tamiflu, that they say will treat swine flu.
  • One of the most important ingredients for Tami-flu is shikimic acid,” says the spokesman, Cao Yong. “This stuff can be developed from star anise.

Star Anise Herbal Tea Recipe

How to make herbal tea using Indian spice Anasphal (Charkraful) for prevention of Swineflu?

To make 300 ml Herbal tea (recipe for 2 persons once a day)

  • 10 medium leaves of basil(tulsi)
  • 2 spoons of green tea leaves
  • 1 spoon powder of Yesthimadhu or giloy or both.
  • 1/2 Star anise (badiya) flower(crushed)
  • 1 spoon ginger (crushed)

Add all the above herbs in 300 ml water. Boil for 5 minutes on medium flame. Cover with lid when boiling. Allow it to cool down as you can drink once a day.

Other anti-viral herbs can also be mixed to boost your immunity power as said before “strong immunity is the king”. It is also helpful to reduce risk of other flu and fevers.

I am not a medical professional. But I wrote with lots of research on internet and with common sense. If you have any questions about it, you can comment here. I will love to answer your questions. Please share this article to help more and more people in India.


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