History of all the trending Shark Memes


Katy Perry's Dancing Left Shark Memes

Super Bowl’s Halftime Shark from Katy Perry’s haltime performance is on fire in meme world. But do you know interesting history of all shark memes trending on internet? Check it out:

Jaws dropping shark

Jaws dropping shark meme

1975 movie “Jaws” completed 37 years in 2012, so web culture celebrated this event with lots of photo-shopped Jaws dropping meme.

Misunderstood Shark

misunderstood shark diver meme

This meme got popular in 2012 as the shark week television series started on discovery channel . All they wanted to show that shark is not dangerous creature like they are in our brains.


Sharknado meme

“Sharknado” is television film that show how tornado throws sharks from ocean to Los Angeles city. This film got more attention on internet and TV just like sci-fi films. People made various funny posters from original movie poster with Nicolas catge, cats, polar bear, batman and other popular characters on internet.

Excuse me shark

excuse me shark meme

This meme was born with the image of a man tickling shark. Man in this picture is not identified, but Andre Hartman does this thing in real.

Compassionate shark meme

Compassionate shark meme

In this meme one shark is compassionate to other on the breakup. This funny image is used in many creative meme.

Superbowl Halftime Shark

Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Shark meme

Halftime show shark has recently got popular due to superbowl half time performance with katy perry on 1st feb. 2015. Katy perry performed on her song “Teenage Dream” while back dancers dressed as sharks were dancing awkwardly and got popularity in no time.


There are also lots of individual meme regarding shark. Here are some interesting.

Go home drunk shark meme

Shark brain vagina meme

haters gonna hate meme

Want to generate your own funny memes? Use any of the following shark meme generators:

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[5] http://www.troll.me/meme/empathetic-shark
[6] http://memecrunch.com/generator/template/498343/bruce-the-shark/


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