How to send self destructing emails with Gmail?


Grab mxHero Toolbox from the Chrome web store and start sending Self Destructing emails with gmail for free, also get advanced features by investing in a paid plan.

No doubt Gmail is one of the best mailing services from Google, offering features like instant messaging, a calendar, spam filter, etc., however some of the features like track emails, track attachment delivery, are missing here. For this purpose, the email app company – mxHero launched its Email Toolbox for Gmail, which delivers you combined access to an increasing list of applications that could really improve the email experience, from self-destructing emails to alerts for unreplied emails. This new mxHero Toolbox comes with both free and paid plans; and it can be added to any Gmail account through a Chrome Extension or other email system through proper plug-ins.

mxhero toolbox adds useful tools to gmailCurrently, mxHero’s Email Toolbox provides 5 valuable email enhancements, which can be accessed with a single button on the email composition window. To enjoy these features on your Gmail inbox, all you need to do is install this addon on your chrome browser. Gmail users are able to use mxHero Toolbox features for free, while for those with Google Apps’ accounts, up to three accounts can use it at once; or else, select a paid plan. New features are added often in mxHero Toolbox, and as soon as they do, and you update the extension (which is mostly done automatically), you get access to them.

When sending email, you can select popular mxHero capabilities listed below:

  • Attachment Track: gives you access to real time alerts when email attachments are accessed
  • Self Destruct: keep sensitive emails out of the wrong hands
  • Private Delivery: send an e-mail to multiple people without showing the recipients
  • Send Later: set email delivery to a later date and time
  • Reply Timeout: alerts you when important emails don’t get a response

Now let’s come to our main topic in this article, i.e. step-by-step process of sending self-destructing emails using MxHero’s first Gmail extension. Using mxHero Email Toolbox, you can bring superior control, privacy and convenience to Email. With Self Destruct feature, you can send self-destructing messages to colleagues, friends, or anyone else to whom you want to send your personal details. Now you are able to send self-destructing e-mails through Gmail for added privacy and safety without depending on a third party to send them for you.

How to use mxHero Email Toolbox to send self-destructing emails with Gmail?

First of all, you have to download mxHero Toolbox from the Google Chrome browser. No need to restart Chrome to get started. Once mxHero Toolbox is installed on your browser, login to your Gmail account and authorize the app in order to access your Gmail inbox. Your next step is to hit the “Compose” button in Gmail. Then view the yellow mxHero Toolbox icon next to the Send button at the bottom.

You’ll need to provide a recipient’s e-mail address and a subject on compose window and press the MXTool button. This will take you to the main menu of mxHero Toolbox. Here you will get all the new tools like tracking attachments, setting up private delivery, sending self-destructing messages, sending an e-mail later and timing out a reply.

Click on the option you require for the email you’re sending, suppose second option is selected i.e. Self Destruct. Moreover, you can also choose multiple options from the list for a single email. For this purpose, simply click on other options to add them to the email you want to send. Note that for ‘Send Later’ and ‘Reply TimeOut’ tool, you have to select a time frame for email. Now click on ‘Send’ button to send an email. Once the email is received in the recipient’s e-mail address, you will get the notification on your inbox and once the recipient reads that sensitive message, it will be permanently deleted after 5 minutes; also then the recipient cannot see the email contents.

Email Toolbox overview of features video from youtube:


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