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Unexpected health issues could possibly wipe out your all savings as compared to all other expenses, medical cost effects on ones incomes very much. Occurrence of hospitalization is very much time and money consuming…in such type of condition, people have to move to the pharmacist many times. Now you don’t need to waste time with trips to the pharmacy as you can manage and order your prescription straight from your home by registering at Not only mange or order prescriptions, but also save money on your prescription costs and enjoy prescription benefits anywhere around the world. By joining with Caremark, you can also obtain the info about medicine costs, health and wellness resources. It helps you get the prescriptions when you need them.

How to set up CVS Caremark Account

CVS Caremark is the leading drug retailer in the U.S. that founded in 2007 by merging two big stores of America – CVS Pharmacy and Caremark Rx. It gives pharmacy services through its more than 7000 CVS Pharmacy and Longs Drugs stores. Throughout its online portal (, it allows users to access their prescription benefits, time and money saving options and expert medical advice. It helps you to better manage your health. The online portal of the Caremark makes managing your prescriptions quick and easy. As well, here you can discover many ways to help you save on your prescription costs. is a prescription management tool, so obviously you have to set up account on the site. Registering is so simple, you just need to visit, and follow the instructions to set up account. For the registration, you will be asked prescription benefit Id and to give some detail from your prescription benefit card to confirm your identity. Once your identity is confirmed, it will allow you to create username and password. You must keep your ID and password safe, because it is required for login. Dealing with Caremark is fine as long as your prescription does not run out.

As a registered member at, you can manage your prescriptions and benefits online to help save time and money. After the registration, you can consult valuable tools, resources and medical professionals that can help you make more well-versed decisions about your health. With Caremark, you can setup and manage your new prescription from convenient place like home, office, or any other place, so no need to waste time at medical stores. As here you can order your prescription just by entering your prescription information, and selecting pickup or delivery detail.

CVS Caremark also gives opportunity to save money on your selected plan, for it understand your plan first for getting more out of your prescription benefits. It helps to stay up to date on medicine costs and provides important health and wellness management resources. Finding the best way for saving money is really tough in this recession time, but here you can get best ways to save on the basis of your plan and prescription. For long-term prescriptions, you can set mail service to stay up to date with latest deals and offers.

Most of the people take the drugs as per the doctor recommendation, so they don’t try to learn more about drugs effects and benefits. But it’s not good for health; you have to learn about your drugs completely before taking it. No need to surf any other place for learning about medicines and health conditions, because the Caremark database of drugs and interactions, generic alternatives and health conditions assists you to learn about your medicines.

Moreover, you can find also local pharmacy, view prescription history, receive e-mail alerts, and get faster refills. If you have any query about your drugs and prescriptions, then not to worry about it, just login at and talk with expert pharmacist and get confidential and reliable answer of your prescriptions and over-the-counter drug questions.

Overall, Caremark is great place to save money on medical expenses and get A to Z information about drugs. Using its advanced search engine, you can search drug information by drug’s name and condition. You can also add printed numbers or letters, shape and color of pill to get exact drug detail.


  • Get faster refills
  • Order prescriptions and check order status
  • Get best deals and offers on drugs
  • Review saving option
  • Find a local pharmacy & health information
  • View prescription history
  • Receive e-mail alerts
  • Talk to a pharmacist and solve your query regarding prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs
  • Requires only simple registration
  • Learn up-to-date information on medicine costs, health and wellness resources
  • Save money on the basis of your benefits plan and prescriptions


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  1. michael a mayworm

    do i sign up on this site besides my automatic renewal for my medicines

  2. Steve Hanover

    I do not understand all this verbage in this site; all I want to do is register. Why do not you get a young computer programmer and make the registration an easy process: In this site on the top, just at the top say —-REGISTER Here——then I will fill in the blanks, OK Yes, your site is like the IRS complicated stuff—typical government stuff—-In this site, your first para is an advertisement—WOW—all I want to do is register. Tell me how

  3. Dave Sweeney

    Same issue as others have stated, this site is so difficult when it should be easy. What is wrong will you people?

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