My Experience with Ishan broadband: Speed Test & Review


Ishan broadband review

It might be little early to review Ishan broadband after usage of 1 month. But I will try to cover experience starting from new connection application to installation and activation.

In this experience I have shared various insights like why I chose Ishan, How I applied, what are the tariff plans available, which technology is Ishan using, and finally speed test results. But If you are impatient to read all this information in detail, you can skip to the part you like to read from the following index:

Current unreliable internet connections and my frustration:

In my 10 years career of information technology I have used services of internet service providers like Bsnl dialup, Tata Indicom dialup, Reliance dialup, Reliance netconnect, Bsnl broadband, Reliance wire line broadband and Tikona wireless broadband. I have some very good and some very worst experience with some of these ISPs.

For last few years I was using Reliance broadband as my main internet source and with introduction of Tikona, I started using tikona as my backup internet. But as reliance broadband started failing in providing continuous connectivity, I switched to tikona as my main source and reliance as backup internet.

But since last few months both these ISPs are playing game with the customers. None of them are able to provide continuous connectivity or high upload and download speed. Even though both are the economy options, I was in search for good reliable internet and was ready to spend more money for that.

One day the almighty god sent two sales men to my office from one internet broadband company called “Ishan Netsol pvt. Limited”.

How I ended up with applying for Ishan Broadband?

When these guys from Ishan introduced themselves from Rajkot based company, I was laughing in my mind and thinking ‘behold, yet another local company has started providing broadband connection’. They first handed over to me their brochure having so many punch lines like: ‘Faster than your thoughts’, ’First in India with backhole redundancy’, ‘various options available for home and office plans’,’24×7 help desk’ etc..

That sales person explained me that they use backhole redundancy to provide continuous connectivity. Ishan broadband is using bandwidth from various companies like tata broadband, airtel etc. So when connectivity is down from one provider, they dynamically switch to other provider to provide user uninterrupted service.

That sounded cool to me. Even though I never heard of Ishan before that moment, I thought to give it a try. But I was not ready to risk before getting reviews from some real users. They also offered me to visit one store for live speed demo in my nearby area where they already installed Ishan internet 15 days ago.

We went to that store owner and asked about his 15 days experience. He was quiet satisfied with the speed and connectivity. I checked browsing speed on his computer for various sites. I also performed speed test on and also downloaded some files from When I monitored download speed with RAS Graph & Stats software, 150KB/s (kilo bytes per second) transfer speed seemed promising for 1mbps connection. And upload data transfer speed was around 160 to 170 KB/s. After getting convincing speed and feedback from actual user, I decided to go for Ishan Broadband.  Next step was to choose appropriate plan from the available tariff plans.

Ishan broadband Tariff plan Selection: The tricky part

When I looked at the brochure of Ishan mentioning several plans, I found it costly compared to my current Reliance (unlimited 4mbps@ 1234 Rs/- with taxes) and Tikona (unlimited 4mbps @1685 Rs/- with taxes) plans.

Check the current available plans of Ishan Broadband in different cities like: Ahmedabad, Amreli, Ankleshwar, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Gandhidham, Gandhinagar, Himmatnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Mehsana, Morbi, Mundra, Porbandar, Silvassa, Surat, Somnath, Vapi etc.

Ishan Unlimited+
Limited Offer
Taxes as applicable area
Launch Offer FREE 1month 2months 6months 6months 12months
Actual Period Offered 4months 8months 18months 24months 36months
Plan* Usage Per Month 3months 6months 12months 18months 24months
upto 256kbps Unlimited 5949 7749
upto 512kbps Unlimited 4149 7749 11349 14949
upto 1Mbps Unlimited 1349 2949 5349 10149 14949 19749
upto 2Mbps Unlimited 1949 4747 8944 17338 25732 34126
upto 4Mbps Unlimited 3949 10747 20944 41338 61732 82126
Installation Charges 550 550 500 250 250 Zero
Security Deposit 750 NA NA NA NA NA
Ishan Power+

Taxes as applicable extra

Launch Offer FREE 1month 2months 6months
Actual Period Offered 4months 8months 18months
Plan* Usage 3months 6months 12months
upto 512kbps Unlimited 4249 6949 11449
upto 1Mbps Unlimited 5849 10049 17449
upto 2Mbps Unlimited 8449 14749 25849
upto 4Mbps Unlimited 14649 25849 45549
Installation Charges 550 500 250
Security Deposit NA NA NA
Ishan Smart+
Limited Offer Taxes as applicable extra
Launch Offer FREE 6months 6months
Actual Period Offered 12months 18months
Plan* Usage 6months 12months
256kbps to 1Mbps Unlimited 4249 6749
512kbps to 2Mbps Unlimited 5249 9249
1Mbps to 256kbps Unlimited 4750 8250
Speed xx to yy = xxx 9am to 9pm & yyy is 9pm to 9am
Installation Charges 750 750
Security Deposit 750 NA
Ishan Easy+
Limited Offer                                                                                                                                           Taxes as applicable extra
Months Offered 1 3 6 12 18 24 36
Plan* Usage Usage Type month months months months months months months
upto 256kbps 75GB Usage Based 5549
upto 512kbps 50GB Usage Based 5549
upto 1Mbps 30GB 1Mbps in FUP & 512kbps post FUP usage 960 1780 2915 5050 7210 9410
upto 2Mbps 75GB Usage Based 5499
upto 2Mbps 300GB Usage Based 12499
upto 4Mbps 35GB 4Mbps in FUP & 786kbps post FUP usage 1165 2395 3930 6690 8857 11600
Installation Charges 550 550 550 550 250 250 750
Security Deposit 750 750 750 NA NA NA NA

Ishan netsol is also providing email hosting solutions. Here are the email-hosting plans.

Product : Mailing Solution Single User 5 Users 10 Users
Domain 1 p.a. Rs. 2000 p.a. 1 p.a. Rs. 6800 p.a. 1 p.a. Rs. 11,800 p.a.
No. of email Accounts 1 p.a. 5 p.m. 10 p.m.
Storage unlimited Min. period is 5 years unlimited Min. period is 5 years unlimited Min. period is 5 years
Anti-Virus Yes Yes Yes
SPAM Protection Yes Yes Yes
Business emails : OR this email could be
Company or is basis the domain name as registered

Now the tricky part:

I know you wasted your time in looking all the available plans. But I suggest you to opt in for the plans I was offered by Sales person. Yes, I didn’t choose any plans from the above listed!

That Sales person from Ishan told me about one plan not listed in the brochure. This plan is known as IS-UNL-2048KBPS TO 512KBPS-12M. That is abbreviation of Ishan unlimited 2mbps to 512 kbps 12 month plan. Here are the details of my plan:

Speed Time of the day Usage 12 Months
2048 KBPS 9 am to 9 pm Unlimited 6969
512 KBPS 9 pm to 9 am
Installation Charges 750
Security Deposit 750
Taxes as applicable extra

So this plan cost is 6969 + 12.5% service tax + 750+750 = 9340 annually. So, monthly cost is around 780Rupees. A good deal, isn’t it?

But only one point I personally didn’t like is to pay for 12 months in advance! Because I am not sure whether, Ishan broadband is going to serve with same quality for coming 12 months or not.

Ishan’s Wireless Technology and Device Installation:

After I subscribed to the above mentioned plan and paid full in advance, I got Installation call from Ishan. And on the same day installation guys came with the required hardware devices.

They came to my place with grid antenna and PoE Adaptor. After a few minutes of antenna installation on terrace and running cable upto my office, Internet was ready to use. My Ishan broadband user ID and password were generated after installation upon request to main office by one of the field engineer.

Wireless Device on Customer End:

Ishan uses wireless communication devices from Ubnt (Ubiquiti Networks). On the customer end Ishan uses Ubiquiti Networks’ airGrid M HP – 2 GHz High-Performance Integrated InnerFeed Antenna with grid reflector. Ubiquiti is well known for high performance outdoor multi-point networking devices.

Ubiquiti Networks’ airGrid M HP antenna

Ishan makes use of revolutionary Innerfeed technology and airMAX (TDMA protocol) technology from Ubnt in Wireless CPE.

Device at the base station:

From one of the field engineer of Ishan, I came to know that they use Ubnt’s Rocket M5 airMAX base station. Since this is 5GHz model, I can guess they are using worldwide free to use 5 GHz frequency band.Ubnt’s Rocket M5 airMAX base station

airMAX TDMA technology:

 airMAX TDMA wireless technology

airMAX TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access)  protocol make dynamic time allocations to different active users. So here the wireless channel is divided into time slots and different slots are allocated to each connected user. TDMA solves a great problem of collision, as not more than one station is transmitting at a time.

If you are technology enthusiastic, you can learn more about airMAX TDMA technology from this pdf file.

Ishan Broadband Speed Test Results:

After completion of installation, I didn’t wait for a second to do a speed test. I was very happy with the speed test result, as it was more than expected. For Ishan broad band’s 2mbps connection, result showed 2.40mbps download speed and 2.42mbps upload speed. Ping of 22ms was also impressive.

Here is the screenshot of my speed test result. 

ishan result

But I did not ended testing speed with only I played some HD videos on and checked the download data rate in RAS Graph. Here is the download data transfer rate screenshot showing average 305KB/s speed.

ishan download speed

Some of you might consider youtube speed as surfing or browsing speed. So I also did some file download test from Here is screen shot of chrome download page showing file download speed of 251Kbps.

ishan file transfer speed

To check upload data rate, I again used I uploaded a test video to youtube and monitored RAS Graph. Here is the upload transfer rate screenshot showing average 259KB/s speed.

ishan upload speed

Initial review after 1 month:

After 1 month of continuous use of Ishan broadband, I have not faced any problem related to download or upload speed. Also I got continuous connectivity during my working hours and never had to switch to my backup Tikona internet. I hope the quality of service remains same in future.

So friends, this was my review of Ishan broadband after 1 month, but I will keep you updated about new plans, tips and issues if any faced in my day to day use.


2 thoughts on “My Experience with Ishan broadband: Speed Test & Review

  1. NareshKumar Parashram Arora

    Internet services is good
    But some staff and marketing persons is not good.
    Call on 9825821123

  2. Hitesh Panchal

    Worst experience ever.

    My name is Hitesh Panchal. one of the executive named Hiren Purani comes to my office for the new broadband connection and he discuss about the plan and I agreed with the plan he discussed. I have submitted my documents and made a payment through cheque of Rs. 9085-00 dated 21-11-2016 he told me that he will install connection within 3 working days. I didn’t hear anything from them for a week. I really unhappy with this kind of service and I said please return me my cheque and I don’t want to continue your this kind of service. Moreover, I didn’t hear anything from them and he deposited the cheque and deducted from my account. I have tried to call them everyday but they didn’t answer my any calls and messages.

  3. Harshil Patel

    Hey in Gandhinagar I am been offered a plan of day 1mbps and night 3 mbps for 11500 rs.
    For 14 months.. Is ishan broadband service food?. Should I go for it .

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