Get Indiana Unemployment Vouchers & Uplink Access on

Unemployment is always a big cause of all worries as you have to find a new job as soon as possible, but it is not always necessary that you leave a job and the next day only you will get a new job. Here is good news for those living in Indiana as if you are fired from a job then now you can receive between $50 and $390 per week for up to 26 weeks till you find a new job for you. So now you need to understand what actually it is and how to apply for the unemployment vouchers. Get Indiana Unemployment Vouchers & Uplink Access on, which is useful for both individual as well as employer.

Get Indiana Unemployment Vouchers & Uplink Access on

Applying online for Indiana unemployment benefits is quite easy and time saving as here you can even find out the job that suits you. Here is a part of this site through which you can apply for a job.

First of all, you need to find out whether you are eligible for it or not. If you fulfill the following conditions, then you are eligible:

  • Currently if you are unemployed and the cause for your unemployment should not be yours
  • You must have worked 20 weeks before you lose your job
  • It is necessary that you must have earned at least $4,000 per year
  • It is necessary that you must be willing to work full time

The cause of unemployment should not be yours like any fraud, misconduct, criminal offence, or else. And if you quit your job without any logical reason even then you are not eligible for benefits. To get the benefits of unemployment, apply for unemployment insurance on and after applying here you will become the member of it.

You will require following documents:

  • Your full name and your mailing address
  • Your social security number as it is one of the must required document
  • Your former employer’s name, address, mailing address, phone number
  • Date of your last job employment
  • Reason for unemployment

You will receive your payment within three weeks, and you will not receive benefit for one week. Now after that return back to Uplink CSS page and file your claim for one week. And if you want weekly, then continue this process after you log into your account.

Following are the steps to file online:

  • Go to and first watch the tutorial so that you can easily understand the process
  • After watching the tutorial, click Uplink claimant services
  • Then click on New users, given below the page
  • Here a form will appear on the screen which contains details like your full name, SSN, new user ID and password, your security question, after that click on “Next” and follow the instructions.

Here you can easily Calculate Remaining Weeks of Benefit, so it gives you idea about how many week benefits are left with you. And if you are looking for a new job then it can help you in that way also as it has a section called Hot job where you can find out a new job for yourself. On hitting that section, a new page will appear on the screen where you can easily filter the type of job that you wish to do, also search job by your education and salary. And if you want to contact DWD by phone or mail, then a separate section is available. As now technology is here to help you, so make its best use and use your spare time in search for a better job.

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