How to Do I Refill My Account?

Create account to refill your mobile with unlimited talk time, SMS and internet data by auto-refill or instant refill options on straighttalkcom/refill.

In the world of smartphones, many service providers are trying to make their permanent place in market with the tag of best service provider in the era of talktime, network and mobile net services with the best pre-paid and post paid offers. is a site of TracFone Wireless Inc., which provides pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service without any long term contracts, credit checks, activation fees, monthly limits and age limits. So, if you also want to joint the straight talk services, then go through the article for detailed information about how to create your online account at and how to refill it online.

Straight talk unlimited refill plans

How do I add a Service Card to my Straight Talk phone?

To add service card in your straight talk phone, go to prepaid menu>select “Add Airtime” option Or launch browser in your phone and click on the “Refill My Account” option.

If your phone is not compatible with the “Prepaid” menu or the “Refill My Account” option, then you can visit official site or call on customer service number 1-877-430-2355 to complete the refill procedure.

There are different flexible refill plans are offered by Straight Talk to meet every need of their customers. Different plans are as described below:

  • The All You Need plan: a $30 monthly plan
  • Unlimited Service Plans: 1 month for $45, 3 months for $130, 6 months for $255 and 1 year for $495

Straight Talk RESERVE: This special feature of straight talk allows you to add more than one service card in your mobile at one time. If one service will end, other reserved service will start automatically on ending date of first service. You can create your online account at and manage all your services.

Steps to create/log in to your account at

  • Visit official site
  • Enter email ID and password in appropriate windows
  • Click on the “log in” button to enter in your account
  • If you are first time user, then click on the “first time log-in or first time user” link
  • Submit your straight talk number
  • Follow the instructions to complete the procedure

At, you can refill your talk time by two different ways as Regular refill and Auto-refill.

Steps to do regular refill at

  • Browse
  • From the top menu, select refill tab followed by refill now tab
  • Enter your straight talk number and PIN; click on “continue” button
  • Or enter into your straight talk account
  • Follow the instructions to complete the online instant refill procedure

Steps to register for auto-refill at

  • Access official straight talk site
  • From the top menu, select refill tab followed by auto-refill tab
  • Log-in to your account
  • Follow the instructions to complete the auto-refill procedure

Benefits that you can have when you are registered for the auto-refill service:

  • You do not have to remember the ending date of your service, as it automatically activates service at the ending date of previous service.
  • Easy and safe to provide and update your credit card information.
  • No penalty charged on you when you deactivate auto-refill service
  • It always gives you alert message at the ending date of the service for refill
  • Easy to manage anytime, anywhere with the help of the internet

If you want to know that how much talk time left in your account, ending date of your service, etc. instantly, then visit and enter your Straight talk phone number and last 4 digits of your serial number to checkout all the information at one key stroke.

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