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Assume the situation that you own one small business and your employees are using smartphones and tablets of their own for some company related work. With the help of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), you can reduce the hardware cost of company very easily. But if any of your employees lost their gadget, then it might leak important information of your business and you may have to face loss in your business. Or it may happen that your important software of company gets compromised. Solution to this problem is 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

3CX mobile device manager to track your iOS and android mobiles

3CX Mobile Device Manager is web based online service that lets you handle, secure, help to keep an eye on gadgets and also track smartphones, tablets or notebook computers. It will make you tension free from the threat of installation of unauthorized apps and compromising software security. 3CX Mobile Device Manager protects your both kind of gadgets whether it is powered by iOS or Android.

Some of the major features of 3CX Mobile Device Manager are given below:

Device Tracking: It allows you to track your all connected mobile devices easily with the simple and precise use of Google Maps. With the help of 3CX Mobile Device Manager, you can easily know where your mobile and tablet devices are situated and also do analysis of particular group of devices.

Deploy Applications: This application will give you power to manage your android and iOS devices by providing authority to deploy unwanted and unauthorized software and apps from group of gadgets.

Security: With the security feature of 3CX Mobile Device Manager, one can lock or wipe out corporate data from the abused, lost or stolen devices.

Administration Portal: At the administrator portal, you can manage your appliances easily and provide some special authority to particular device for keeping eye on it. You can receive alert messages also send messages to particular device for security purpose. You can also see installed apps, call logs as well as sent and received messages along with the model name, operating system version, CPU and memory usage for each device at the administration portal.

Pricing of 3CX Mobile Device Manager:

Pricing of 3CX Mobile Device Manager varies as per the number of devices. Up to 5 devices in your small business, you can get free subscription of 3CX Mobile Device Manager for whole year. Above 5 devices, you can register for subscription of 6 or 12 months. There are two types of pricing as Hosted Edition Pricing and On Premise Edition Pricing.

  • Hosted Edition Pricing: It is an online service which does not require any kind of software installation and downloading step ups. In this package, you will get both maintenance and support from the 3CX Mobile Device Manager.
  • On Premise Edition Pricing: You can download and install this deployable version in your computer. Besides licensing of the 3CX MDM Hosted edition for On Premise edition of 3CX Mobile Device Manager, you have to pay also one time fee that includes 12 month maintenance cost.

For detailed information of costing as per the number of your mobile devices, you can check out it at official site mobiledevicemanager.com.

For Android gadgets: For your android powered mobile device, you can visit Google play store and search for the 3CX Mobile Device Manager or click on the “Android Agent” link from the home page of official site mobiledevicemanager.com.

For iOS gadgets: For iOS devices, one can simply select “iOS agent” from the official 3CX Mobile Device Manager site or visit itunes.apple.com.

You can also create your personalized account at mobiledevicemanager.com by clicking on the “sign up” button situated on the home page of mobiledevicemanager.com. Complete the registration form with personal details such as your choice account name, your first name, surname, email ID and click on the submitting button to create your account to keep an eye on your all android and iOS devices.

Key feature of 3CX Mobile Device Manager at glance:

  • Remote wipe
  • Access to a device’s files remotely
  • Management of all application remotely
  • Wi-Fi network management from internet
  • Send and receive messages
  • Email configuration automatically
  • Access to battery life, call history, contacts list, system logs


  • Free registration at website
  • Scalable pricing
  • Provide security for complete phone system
  • Web based configuration & status indication
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Group device monitoring
  • Authorities to track, lock, and deploy application and unauthorized software


  • Blacklisting does not stop app installation
  • Partial control over email
  • Blacklisted apps do not get wipe out on iOS

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