– Kickstarter like crowd funding platform for mobile app devlopers


Crowd funding – Do you know about it? It is future of everything. It is the joint efforts of individuals who give their money to support efforts started by other people or organizations. Crowdfunding is just like donation that used for range of activities like support of artists by fans, political campaigns, startup company funding, scientific research, free software development, etc. If you are fresher in any field, then you might have little fear regarding your project or product that will people like it or not?Getting it funded is really best way to lower the risks. If you have got a great idea, then you are able to crowdfund the required amount to get that project going. Numbers of crowdfunding platforms are available, but Appsplit is one of the best and more interesting approaches that allow programmers or application creators to crowdfund their projects. This platform gives ability to raise funds then after convert your great idea into fully developed and enhanced app. - Kickstarter like crowd funding platform for mobile app devlopers

Appsplit is a Kickstarter like crowd funding platform for mobile app developers. It has been created by Hussein Yahfoufi in 2010. This California based company allows users to raise funds, discover freelancers or sell apps through crowd sourcing. On this online platform, developer can post their campaign for their apps, explain idea of their apps and discover financial help to complete the development of apps. It is not a free service; it takes 5% fee for all-or-none campaigns, and 10% fee for open campaign. It is the first and foremost place to put your app campaigns. This newly-improved platform welcomes everyone who really desires to join the creation, development and business of apps. Now, everyone like app developers, entrepreneurs, fans, users, app owners, inventors, and investors can be a part of application world. It is really great platform for those who are working and developing apps to advance their business.

It gives three types of campaign including Fund campaigns, Sell campaigns, and Develop campaigns to take the advantage of its crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing service.

Fund campaign – Crowdfunding for app development:

Fund campaign is crowdsourcing platforms specially created for apps. Using this platform, owners and application developers can begin fund campaigns. There are two types of fund campaign including All-Or-None and Open type. You can select any one as per your requirement.

After creating a funding goal, you can fund your app. With All-Or-None Fund campaigns, app owners receive the funds only the goal is reached, while owners receives the money even if the goal is not reached with open campaign.

Most important note for campaign owner is that they must describe why the amount set in the funding goal is needed. Moreover, app owner can specify a set of rewards that users receive on the basis of amount that they give towards the funding goal. It is different from kickstarter because it allows also international campaign to invite more people being involved in the process. Supporters can transfer money via PayPal or Amazon payments.

Sell campaign – sell an existing app, either in part or in full

Sell campaign is really good platform for those apps developers who are searching for right place for selling their apps, either in part or in full.

There are so many reasons behind why developers sell their apps – may be they want to start new project or want to cash in a bit on their investment.

Develop campaign – seek and acquire talent to help you build the app of your dreams

If you have any great idea regarding application, then develop campaign for you. This campaign opens doors for anyone who has a potential game-changing app idea but does not have any technical skill or the money for development.

Connecting with develop campaign; you can discover freelancers to work on their app in exchange for a percent of ownership of the app. You can find any type of freelancers like designers, developers, marketers, testers or writers to work on their apps for part ownership.

Registration must be required to get started any campaign. From the home page of the site, you can access featured campaign, weekly popular campaign, recently successful project, and recently added campaign.

Overall, Appsplit is really useful way to sell your created apps, raise money for development expenses, and discover different ideas for creating application. It is the easiest way for investor in searching latest application to buy. It is also good for jump in to the app business. You can navigate the site and search anything very easily.


  • Required registration
  • Access recently added campaign, most popular campaign, recently successful campaign
  • Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing platform for app developers
  • Give fund, develop and sell campaign
  • Allow programmers or application creators to crowdfund their projects
  • Sell an existing app, either in part or in full
  • Look for and acquire talent to help you build the app of your dreams


  • Take 5% fee for all-or-none campaigns, and 10% fee for open campaign


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