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Join private social network of your roommates at HomeSlice App to track their finances, divide the cost of utility bills and communicate effectively.

Sharing room is good to reduce living expense. There are several good reasons to have a roommate like you would not feel lonely, save money, get help, etc. However anybody that lives with or has lived with roommates know very well that it is so challenging to get every individual to accomplish things around the house. To get things done, these people use calendars, post-it notes, marshmellow shooters, and so on, yet such things often get lost or ignored. Now you don’t need to make a weekly or monthly calendars or timetable of household work if you are living with roommates, because HomeSlice is good choice for it. It is the latest private social networking application for roommates, where you and your roomies can communicate together and manage all of the tasks that come with renting apartment or home. Through this application, one can track their finances, dividing the cost of utility bills and communicate effectively.

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HomeSlice application is created by roommates for roommates to make it easy for the roomies to keep in touch and share duties and responsibilities without sticking calendar and time table on the fridge door. It can be used on both iOS and android platform to make stress free living. It is structured with very simple and efficient layout. It is a complete technology that encourages responsibility and transparency between roommates. Here they can create their private social network with all required tools to keep on top of household supplies, chores and bills.

The application is perfect for both roommates and families to allow everyone know what has been done and what still needs to be done. Downloading and installing application on your mobile phone, roommates can join their very own private social network and inform each other about the latest things in the house. With the HomeSlice app, roomies can also includes several other things that need to be done like bills to pay, other supplies and chores. If something does not match with provided categories, then you can write anything on white board. All things are wrapped in beautifully elegant interface, so you can access every thing within few clicks. At least, having a chat and profile function should help you to identify strange dude, who lives at the end of the hallway that no one ever sees.

Main feature Of HomeSlice application:


Whiteboard seen in every college home and dedicated space to communicate with your roommates about household supplies, chores and bills or even weekend plans. It works like social network, so you can enjoy all features that requires in communication. Skip all harass, avoid the roommate conflict and enjoy living together.


We keep all necessary home supplies in stock. HomeSlice’s elegant interface makes it easy for you and your roommates to monitor who purchased what, when and how much. To use this features, you have to add all household supplies or communal items to your home’s list. After that, you can inform your roommates about which items in stock or out-of-stock, just by slicing and sliding to the left or right. When you re-stocking an items, enter price of items that you have paid to let your roommates knows how much they owe. Each swipe will be moved back to the whiteboard, so your roommates get instant notifications about transaction.


Chores suck, but they have got to accomplish. It shows all tasks that need to get done around the home. It is one of the characteristics to get credit about diligent work. To allow your roommates when you stepped up to clean the sink loaded with messy dishes or took out that huge pile of trash which is builded in your kitchen. Now your roommates will know when you divide the chores and make your home a clean.


Homes run on money! Here you can track all bills and payments between your roommates to ensure that there is always money in your bank account. Simply slice to the left or right to inform roommates about paid or unpaid bills. Post due dates and prices for your roommates to ensure the bill gets paid on time.

Download For: iOS, and Andorid


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