How to charge mobile phone battery without charger?


In today’s digital world, mobile phones are one-stop devices for our computing, entertainment and communication needs. The heart and soul of these devices is battery. Without it, mobile phones won’t work and become useless bricks. The most convenient way to charge a mobile phone battery is charger but many times we face the condition that we are in need to use the mobile phones urgently, but the battery goes low and the charger is not available. To get rid of such conditions, here is provided the ways to charge your cell phone without charger. You may think that it is impossible but this is not the case. You can easily charge your mobile phone battery without using the cell phone charger. For this, you just need some extra tools.

charge mobile phone battery without charger

Ways To Charge Your Cell Phone Without Charger


This is an easy and practical solution to charge your phone without charge. When you have one point of charge in the battery, switch off the phone and remove battery. Make a paper sling and keep it inside the phone in such a way that it hides the central pin of the phone. After that, insert the battery and switch on the phone. The display will ask to Insert SIM and as a proceeding the mobile will restart. At that moment, pull the paper out and battery will be recharged fully.

Fresh Peepal Leaves

This method has no scientific evidence but it actually works. Just, open the mobile cover and remove the battery. Touch the stub of 2 to 3 fresh peepal leaves on the mobile battery terminal for about one minute. Then, clean the terminal with the help of a soft cloth and place the battery in the phone. Switch on the mobile and see the result. You can repeat the procedure with fresh leaves again, if needed.


Switch off the phone and take out the battery. Rub the battery with hands or to shirt/pants for about 3 to 5 minutes. Now, place the battery and switch on the phone. The battery will be recharged a bit which last for only 2 minutes: enough for making an important phone call.

Old USB Cable

Take an old USB cable, cut it in half with scissor and remove the end that does not plug into the computer. Strip the cable to find 4 wires: red, green, white and black. Cut off all the exposed wires, excluding black and red wires. Remove the aluminum wrapping from black & red wires and strip both wires. After that, twist them within till they are tight. Now, take your cell phone battery and connect the red wire to the positive end (+) and the black wire to the negative end (-) with an electrical tape. Plug in the USB cable to a computer for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, unplug the cable, remove the wires and insert the battery in the phone. Switch on the phone and you will have recharged battery.

Laptop and Data Cable

First of all, switch off your mobile phone and plug in a data cable in it. Now, plug the other end of the data cable into your PC or laptop. Turn the computer or laptop on and your phone battery will be charged completely in no time.

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