How To Close Apps In iOS7?


iOS4…iOS5…iOS6…and now, iOS7 is available for downloading. iOS 7 is the biggest redesign of the mobile operating system since iOS debuted six year ago. It has been released on Friday along with the launch of two new iPhones – 5S and 5C. Just in a single day, number of users have downloaded and installed it to update their existing iOS and enjoy fully new user interface. It comes with more streamlined, flat, and abstract look and offers some exciting new features; but unfortunately, it seems that change is not always good. As here, some new features are little more annoying and confusing. Closing apps has been simplified, albeit a lot of people are still little confused. From iOS 4 to iOS 6, you have to double click the home button and press the read sign to close apps, but with iOS 7, it becomes too much easier; you just need to put your finger on the application window that you want to close and swipe away.

How To Close Apps In iOS7?

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The process of closing apps or turning off is totally different in iOS 7, but it is easier than before. We all know that application takes more space of memory card as well consume more battery power. So when your phone battery is low or on ending point, you would simply prefer apps not to run in the background at all. On iOS 7, you can disable apps from running in the background to sustain your battery life little more time.

Steps to turn off apps in iOS 7:

  • To get started, open setting menu.
  • Select general and then select Background App Refresh
  • Here you will get switch to turn of background apps altogether or one by one.
  • Besides the switch, you will see a location indicator if the application needs location data while in the background.
  • The top switch will turn off background refreshing across the board, or you can selectively disable apps below. Reversing a decision is just as simple — revisit this page and turn background refreshing back on.
  • From the top switch, you can turn off background refreshing across the board, or there is an option to disable apps from the below list.
  • Turn on background apps is also very easy and simple, you just need to revisit this page and turn background refreshing back on.

Steps to close apps in iOS 7:

The process of closing apps and turning off apps is different:

  • No home button and double click anymore, because iOS 7 reveals a drawer along with a smaller preview of each App window.
  • At first, you will not get proper idea regarding how to close app; as here you don’t need to hold down a finger on app.
  • The process of closing app on iOS 7 is a new, and far more enjoyable – you just need to swipe the app that you want to close and after that swipe the preview window upwards and it will disappear.
  • To close an app while you are using it, you can still touch to close.
  • You are able to move between apps that are already open just by swiping to the left or right.

Video guideline for closing apps in ios 7:


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