How to use Textgram to Post Text Snippets To Instagram from iPhone


Days are gone, when people were happy just by sending SMS to their friends and relatives. Ever changing world brings so many innovations in almost every field, sharing is one of them. Smartphones and tablets got better and better and have endless inventory of uses, especially in terms of camera, image creation and sharing. Instagram is a prime example for this, it is a free photo sharing program that lets users to take a photo instantly, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on different social networking services, including Instagram’s own. More than 30 million users access this service. Still, something is missing, but what? You may notice that in addition to photos of cats, sunsets and jewelry, text effects also add some extra charm to the photo. With text effects and editing options, posted images can be highlighted with some textual messages in an artistic manner.

How to use Textgram to Post Text Snippets To Instagram from iPhone

If you are also interested in writing something on a photo before posting it to Instagram, then Textgram is your right choice. This is an iPhone app, and most importantly completes the Instagram regards to its missing terms. Textgram makes posting of photos to Instagram very easy & directly, and…….. it also offers amazing text designs and effects so that users can create beautiful snippets of texts. Also, it enables users to add various effects by applying the app’s own collection of colorful fonts, backgrounds and templates, and then it can be shared exclusively with friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or other favorite mobile photo sharing network.

Don’t forget that it doesn’t allow users to post their status, feelings, and like, as it only allows images to be taken, modified and shared. However, you can get opinions and thoughts about the created aesthetically-pleasing stylized text.

Textgram app is best in work, but very simple in use. For sharing this cool looking graffiti, you just need to enter the words or phrase that you want to highlight on your photo. Off course, it is simply done over a black background, but wait, the real magic is on its way. In the upcoming step, the app shows up on a new screen, at where the user is being asked to adjust the size and position of the snippet. To change the position, simply tap the text once and then drag it around; while to resize the words, make use of pinching gestures.

Here, it is recommended to choose a Template for your picture before changing the size and position of the snippet, as it make you take exact measurement. Template is the first button in the bottom bar. By hitting on this button, you are able to browse through all the listed designs. Just touch the thumbnail; it will be instantly applied to the text as background. You can try as many as you like, until you get the right one.

Once the background is chosen, your next step is to apply a Frame to the image. For this, the app has really a decent collection of frames. You can make your image more attractive by adding Stickers, this helps you to change orientation and position of the image. As Textgram specially focuses on the text, you can use really good fonts and text colors available in the app for giving your text some further emphasis.

Now, if your creation is ready, then why to wait? Just hit the Send button given on the top right corner, it will offer two options – first to save the photo to the camera roll of your iPhone, or another to share it over the Instagram directly. Even if you are not an Instagram user, you can post your created text-based images on other social networks or just save them as wallpapers.

Textgram app is absolutely free of charge, but if you want some extra benefits then pro ($0.99) version is also available for the app. These extra benefits include few extra frames and stickers as well it lets you apply photos from your camera roll as background templates. You can download any of the versions right from here:

For Paid:


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  1. Bert

    Didn’t see a send button as you said there is suppose to be.
    How come? Please let me know.I just got textgram and did the frame
    and background,didn’t pick any stickers from the choices,but seen no
    send button to send text out.Please let me know why.

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