HTC One M7 vs HTC one Mini M4: Difference and Similarity


After the huge success of the HTC one, the Taiwan based company is planning to launch a miniature version of this flagship device. Rumors regarding the mini version of the One named as One Mini or M4 are buzzing all over the internet. The company has not revealed any official information about the One Mini but the device is already getting good attention. Recently, several photos have been posted on the Estonian gadget blog, Delfi. The photos include the One Mini (black) standing next to its predecessor. Let’s check out the differences and similarities between the One and the one Mini.

HTC One M7 vs HTC one Mini M4: comparison

As per the photos, HTC One Mini has the same zero-gap aluminum unibody frame with front stereo speakers. The phone is thinner and smaller compared to the HTC One. It will have smaller screen and lesser screen resolution. The HTC One Mini is expected to feature a 4.3-inch screen with 720p resolution and 342ppi pixel density. The processor will be stepped down from quad-core to dual-core. It will run on Google’s Android OS 4.2, Jelly Bean+ Sense 5 software.

There will be two cameras: front and rear similar to the original One. The primary camera will be of 4 MP along with Ultrapixel technology while the secondary camera will be of 1.6 MP. The 2GB of RAM is same but the built-in memory is said to be lowered to a 16GB. It will sport a 1,700 mAh non-removable battery instead of 2100mAh. The processor chip and connectivity features are not known yet.

The HTC one Mini will be a great competitor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. As of now, there are no information about the release date and availability. The smartphones is estimated to launch in August for about €400.

Similarities between the HTC One and the HTC One Mini

  • Zero-gap aluminum unibody design
  • Android 2.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • 2GB of RAM

Differences between the HTC One and the HTC One Mini

  • Screen size (HTC One: 4.7 inch and HTC One Min: 4.3-inch)
  • Screen resolution (HTC One: 1080 x 1920p and HTC One Min: 720 x 1280 p)
  • Display PPI (HTC One: 468 and HTC One Mini: 341)
  • Front camera (HTC One: 2.1 MP and HTC One Min: 1.6 MP)
  • Processor (HTC One: Quad core and HTC One Mini: dual core with unknown speed)
  • Inbuilt storage (HTC One: 32 GB and HTC One Mini: 16 GB)
  • Battery (HTC One: 2300 mAh and HTC One: 1,700 mAh non-removable battery)


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