Mi One: Specs & Price of MIUI Phone from Xiaomi


Mi One is a high-end Smartphone from Xiaomi which is considered as the number one Smartphone Brand of China. This Smartphone is also recognized as The Xiaomi Phone or the M1. It was announced in August, 2011. The company sells its products online in batches/rounds with limited number of units.

xiaomi Mi one Miui phone

In the 7th round of MIUI Phone’s online sale, the company sold 150,000 in just 12 minutes and 41 seconds. This smartphone comes with affordable price tag, $317 which is less than half price of an Apple iphone 4. The company has sold over 1.65 million Xiaomi phones till now.

Mi One features 4.0 inch TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 480×854P. The weight and measures of the phone are 149 grams and 125 mm x 63 mm x 11.9mm. It is powered by dual-core Snapdragon 1.5 Ghz processor and Xiaomi’s own MIUI OS (a variant of Android Gingerbread). It has 8MP rear camera with autofocus, 1GB of RAM, 4 GB of ROM, Adreno 220 graphics and microSD card slot.

It comes with interchangeable back covers which are available in 7 different colors and more to come. It has 1930Ah battery which last for 2 days so android fans don’t have to worry about battery life. Other features of the phone are Bluetooth, unlocked bootloader, GPS, Heat-eliminating screen, noise-cancelling microphone, Wi-Fi, GSM / WCDMA bands as well as 100,000 Andriod apps and games.


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