Samsung GT-I9300: Specs & Pictures leaked

One more rumor has been surfaced regarding Samsung GT-I9300. The GT-I9300 rumors started popping up from the very minute when the model number GT-I9300 was seen in the Samsung’s official website. It is being associated to the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S III. Since the Galaxy S II is the GT-i9100 and one flavor of the Galaxy Nexus is the GT-i9250, thinking of GT-I9300 as an updated version of the Galaxy S II does make some sense.

Samsung GT-I9300: Specs & Pictures leaked

Recently Phone Arena has received a picture that’s believed to be of Samsung GT-I9300. After a closer inspection of the leaked picture, it appears that GT-i9300 will not turn out to be the Galaxy S III as per the rumors. Hence to come out of the rumor world and to know the reality we must wait for some official announcements from Samsung.

On having an assessment of the leaked photo, we can make out that the pictured device doesn’t look very impressive as compared to other Samsung smartphones. However it is clearly visible that the mystery device will be powered by latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Surprisingly the Samsung logo is seen at the bottom of the display. Until now only US carrier models had the logo below the screen instead of top.

The slightly squared-off yet still-round bezel around the device’s glass front makes the device totally different than any of the high-end Samsung phones, and it seems like the glass is slightly recessed from a 1-2mm plastic lip. Samsung lovers don’t wish to see their smartphone with these protective bumpers. The display of the handset doesn’t look like it’s an SAMOLED unit, but it certainly will have the Android ICS on-screen navigational key strip and apparently physical buttonless front.

On the software front, the handset clearly shows that it will have Samsung’s Music and Video Hubs, S Planner, S Memo, and S Suggest apps, suggesting whatever device this is, it will have an S Pen. The screen looks big with virtual front buttons and front facing camera. There will be three on-screen soft buttons, placed at the bottom part of the smartphone. The display will be somewhere in the 4.5-inch range.

The whole world is eagerly waiting for the third generation Samsung Galaxy S that will come with impressive specs and an eye catching body design. Let’s hope that this leaked image is not of Galaxy SIII and it’s just another upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich based Galaxy device. It is believed that Samsung will officially confirm about Galaxy SIII by next month of April, 2012.

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