ScanWritr: Document Scanner, PDF converter and Editor for android


Carry handy Android scanner, “ScanWritr” in your pocket…to scan documents, convert documents into PDFs, add signature to documents and share it with others through e-mail, fax, social media, etc.

Want to save photos on your computer to create online photo gallery or email images? Or keep digital records of all significant documents, receipts, newspaper clippings, magazine? Then, nothing is better than Scanner to make your goal of a paperless home or office a reality. You are able to scan items that you discover, and can copy things on computer using scanner. All scanning items can be changed manually. Generally, scanner scans items as images and store in several TIFF, GIF, and JPG formats. In addition, it also converts documents into PDF Format. However, it is not possible to carry high-weighted scanner everywhere, for it portable scanner is good choice for business meeting when they want a copy of something that someone else has. In this digital era, you don’t need any big or portable device, because here we are going to give information about brand new, easy-to-use professional document scanner and PDF converter application, named ScanWritr. By downloading this application, you can scan sheet of paper you want through Android device’s built-in camera and write on the documents. Along with scanning facility, it also gives ability to convert documents into PDFs, enhance scan quality, add signature to documents, send it to the receiver via e-mail, fax, social media, etc.

ScanWritr Scan, convert, and edit screenshot

ScanWritr is very straightforward, shiny new, simple to use proficient report scanner, and PDF converter that does not require any lengthy process. It is really good application for business consumers to scan any important document during business meeting. It is very easy to use; you can start by taking photo with application’s in-built camera interface, or import an existing image from your gallery. You can also adjust focus just by tapping the screen. If you think your image is big, then crop it to your desired size using small handles. After that, it scans only required portion to generate final copy. Moreover, it enables users to alter paper size (A4 or letter) and rotate the image clockwise or counter-clockwise. Once you are satisfied with the selected portion of the image, tick mark to import the document.

It maintains the quality of documents. The brightness of image file can be controlled manually. Users can also change the page color by taking in-built color picker tool. After doing all editing and modification, you can convert and save it as a PDF File format. It offers a hassle-free system of accessing for all saved documents. You can access all saved documents from the main screen and do extra editing by writing over them. For important document, you can add signature or write anything using pen and marker tools.

Text feature is offered for adding desired text on the image. You can change the size of both text box and images anytime you want using the Zoom button. Sharing is also possible with this new application. Just by tapping on Share button, you can share your scanned document immediately via email or social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter, save as image, take a physical print or fax the document using cloud printing, or open it in another PDF or document viewer. It is really good application for scanning images into Digital Documents.

Professional features of ScanWritr:

  • Camera-based Document Scanner
  • Automatic Edge Detection
  • Form Filling
  • Signing
  • Text Highlighting
  • Image Enhancement
  • Document Finder
  • Fax
  • Cloud Printing
  • Social Media Connectivity
  • Cloud Sharing
  • PDF Converter

Scan & Import

In this application, you can utilize their mobile device camera sensor as a document code reader. It makes all scanning simpler and easier with the help of advanced features like Programmed Border Diagnosis and Photograph Enlargement. In the event you already have new document, it is possible to transfer it immediately through your device, e-mail, etc. It is also PDF converter, so it gives some imported documents in PDF format.

Write & Fill out forms

Not just document scanner and PDF converter, but also digital form filling app allows users to elegantly fill their scanned documents using text input feature. It offers marker tool to emphasize data and signature tool to sign on scanned documents.

Store & Share

Want to send important report via FAX? No issue…because with this application, you can fax the report at affordable rate. You can also share documents with all your friends via Social Media and Cloud Connectivity.

Download App from Android Market.


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