How to Get HP Remote Assistant Support?


HP customers can visit to get Remote Assistance online in real-time, by simply entering the 6-digit numeric code provided by Support Professional.

The HP Company is known for offering cutting-edge products, technologies, software and solutions to customers ranging from individuals to large enterprises. They’re also providing online remote assistance service to help their valued customers troubleshoot and solve technical issues. When using this service, a technical support professional from HP will initiate a remote connection to the customer’s PC to see and support/diagnose the problems without being physically present at that computer., remote assistant, hp remote support is the official website for the HP Remote Assistance. To begin the support session, you will need the 6-digit access code provided by your HP Support Representative. Right on the homepage, you’ll see a box to enter the code. Just type your code there and click on ‘Connect’ to continue. As soon as you do so, you’ll be promoted to download and install a software application. Make sure you successfully install this software, as otherwise you’ll not be able to share your PC with the HP Support Professional.

HP Customers can utilize this remote assistance software to aid the diagnosis of products like laptops & hybrids, tablets, desktops, printers, scanners, and work-related services like computer databases, servers, networking, software, and network storage. However, remember that in order for the HP’s Support Representative to analyze and diagnose your issue, he/she will collect and use some information from your PC system.


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  1. David L Stevenson

    My internet connection keeps going off and on 20 time or so after about and hour of restarting the PC amd the routerand motim it finally stays on. Ive called time warner about this problem and they had me try everthing they could think of,after about 40 minutes or so, they said they believed it was a problem with my PC laptop.So now can you help me with that issue

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