HKphone MAX8 Revo is Budget 8-core Full HD Smartphone

Get your hands on fully featured, 8-core Smartphone MAX8 Revo, which is available at most affordable price of just 6,950,000 VNĐ in Vietnam. Know everything about it here, all features…price…availability…and specialties

In Vietnam, hkphone is the leading name for the smartphone market technology. It takes over good position in the market with most hit products like Revo HD4, LEAD Revo, Revo NEO or most newly RACER, completely new line. The brand continues…and this time it surprises us by launching Revo MAX8, which works on new generation 8-core chip speed of 1.7 GHz configuration. Really incredible! This Model will be a big step for the company, however it costs just 6,950,000VNĐ. With this, it is the first eight-core smartphone in midrange segment in Vietnam. Let’s know more about the hkphone’s latest Budget Smartphone here.

HKphone MAX8 Revo is Budget 8-core Full HD SmartphoneMAX8 Revo is 8-core Smartphone comes with really affordable price. It gives powerful performance with 8′s processor speed to 1.7GHz Cortex A7 (MediaTek MT6592), 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Superbly, it can operate all 8 core at the same time, while other smartphone on the market can operate only 4 cores active clusters. Thus, MAX8 Revo brings incomparable speed with handling multiple 8.

Here you note that Revo MAX8 is ideal for every job. Being so powerful with 8 processors and graphics chips and combined with 2GB DDR3 RAM; Revo MAX8 allows users to check your mail at once, surf Internet speedily, fast online chat, etc. Even if there are so many applications running in the background along with heavy game, you can use MAX8 Revo smoothly. What’s more, it uses MT6592 chip so that users can get 40% longer battery life compared with 800 Snapdragon, adjusting the temperature and power in advanced algorithm. Continue reading

HP Slate 6 VoiceTab Vs Slate 7 VoiceTab: Compare Specs and Features

HP recently launched two VoiceTabs: Slate 6 and Slate 7 in India. If you want to know which one is better, then here is a comparison of specs and features of these VoiceTabs.

Phablet has become the first choice of gadget lovers. Manufacturers are coming with interesting devices in the phablet market to attract the attention of customers. But rather than launching a phablet, HP (Hewlett-Packard) has come up with a new line of innovative Voice Tablets, pushing the Phablet boundaries. The company has recently launched two Android voice tablets named the Slate7 VoiceTab and Slate6 VoiceTab in India. Lets’ take a look at the features and specs of both voice tabs and compare them to know which one is the best.

HP Slate 6 VoiceTab Vs Slate 7 VoiceTab: Compare Specs and Features

HP Slate 6 and Slate 7 VoiceTab are designed specially for youths to help them doing multitask on the go. All the features of these full-featured tablets are same; except screen size & resolution, thickness, flash and battery. They let users to do everything: check email, surf web, play games, stream music & video, etc. Business users having Voice tablets can easily take care of their business, thanks to the quality, reliability and performance of these tablets.

Both of these come with voice calling facility and dual SIM support. They have IPS multitouch display and pack with a powerful, super-fast Quad Core processor. The tablets are based on Android 4.2.2, Jelly bean Operating System. There is a 5MP rear camera for capturing your special moments and 2MP front facing camera for video calling. Continue reading

Tango Super PC – world’s most portable computer that fits in your pocket

Tango Super PC is very tiny super portable computer that save your thousands of dollars expenses of multiple PCs and gaming consoles and fits in a shirt pocket or purse.

Over the years, computers are getting smaller, powerful and efficient. Different types of portable computers such as laptop, notebook, palmtop, tablet, etc. are available in the market, so that people can carry them easily anywhere. Tango has also joined the small computers trend with a smartphone sized PC named Tango Super PC. Tango Super PC weighs and measures only 210 gms and 125 x 80 x 13.5mm respectively, which make it the most portable computer in the world. It fits easily in your pocket or purse just like your smartphone.

Tango Super PC is very tiny super portable computer that save your thousands of dollars expenses of multiple PCs and gaming consoles and fits in a shirt pocket or purse.

Tango Super PC : A Tiny Pocket super PC replaces multiple PCs and gaming consoles

Tango Super PC looks like a 2.5-inch external hard drive from outside. It comes in two different modules: PC module and Dock Port module. Users are required to insert the PC into a docking station for using it. The docking station can be connected to PC and gaming accessories. Users can place it in the office, computer room or next to television. Continue reading

Stay aware about battery life with Energy bar on your Android screen

Want to try something new for your android smartphone’s battery status indicator? Then, Energy bar android app is all what you need.

Android smartphones have made our life easy as they connect us to email, social networks, music, movies and an app store with 1000s of options for downloading at one click. Along with this, they come with huge, bright LCD screens, Wi-Fi, faster hardware and 3G/4G connectivity. The combination of these amazing features sucks up lots of battery. The default battery status indicator (green bar or a percentage meter) on your Android smartphone is boring and dull. You can make the default battery life indicator colorful with the help of a cool app named Energy Bar.

Stay aware about battery life with Energy bar on your Android screen

Energy bar is battery monitoring app developed by XDA Developers. The app is free and easy to use. It has user-friendly interface. It offers a new way to users to view battery status level. It displays the current battery level as a colored line instead of percentage. Users are allowed to customize different aspects of the interface, including the status bar. The app does not put any load on CPU. Continue reading

Facebook Paper App for iOS – Explore stories from friends and World news

Want to see a glimpse of Facebook’s future, then download the social network’s brand-new app “Paper” – it lets you explore and share stories of your friends, around the world.

Facebook Creative Labs have launched their first ever product, a standalone news reader mobile app – ‘Paper’. You can download it from the App Store, if you are living in the United States and own an iPhone. It is a useful app for those, who want a new way to browse the social network along with the hottest news. What’s different about Paper compared to other news reader apps available is its distraction-free, full screen design that makes users to immerse themselves. This app makes it easier to craft and share stunning stories of your own. The app provides you “Paper” to cultivate and customize, following various themes and sections like sports, science, food, photography, etc. Besides content discovery, you can even follow your Facebook News Feed to keep up with friends and family.

Facebook launches Paper on iOS

Paper is a new way to browse Facebook with a pleasantly touchable interface and curated news feeds that you can read besides the latest status updates. With Paper, Facebook wants to amaze and amuse its users by displaying content they might have missed, or content from sources and authors they never would have sought out on their own. Paper succeeds in combining different features of its Home software with a wonderful looking news aggregator. The content isn’t just placed in front of your face with a set of algorithms, indeed Facebook has humans behind the scenes, selecting content to display in the app. Continue reading

LG Optimus L1 II Tri : Specs & Features of Android Phone with Triple Sim Card

In Brazil, LG has officially launched a 3G smartphone with triple SIM support called LG Optimus L1 II Tri. Check out the features and specs of this new LG triple-SIM phone.

LG has launched a new low-end smartphone, called LG Optimus L1 II Tri. This new Optimus smartphone doesn’t have too advanced specifications, but it does feature triple-SIM support! Yes that’s true; it can accommodate three SIM cards at the same time. It has a dedicated SIM switch key to help users switch between SIM cards seamlessly. Of course, a number of triple SIM phones are already available in the market, but they usually come with a bit more generous design to accommodate three slots. However, in case of LG Optimus L1 II Tri, the three SIM slots are smartly crammed into a small handset and this is what makes this smartphone better than others. Now, let’s check out on what are the specs and features of this new Android smartphone.

LG Optimus L1 II Tri in three color variants

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HTC M8: Rumors of Features and Specifications

HTC M8 will be released in the market with features like Snapdragon 800 quad core processor, 5” display, 2GB of RAM, UltraPixel camera on the rear; 2.1 megapixel front camera, Sense 6.0 UI, etc.

HTC’s new successor smartphone HTC M8’s features and specifications have been leaked by tipster @evleaks. New flagship smartphone HTC M8 acquires pretty amazing features such as UltraPixel camera and stereo front speakers. Company has not officially announced the name of the smartphone, so M8 will be its code name. It will be the successor of HTC One. Let’s find out the most amazing features of HTC M8.

HTC M8 with Snapdragon 800 QHD

Design and display:
At a first glance, the HTC M8 resembles HTC One in terms of design. It comes with premium, good-looking and durable aluminum body. Plus, it has front facing speakers. HTC M8 offers Full HD display screen. 5 inch display screen is big enough to carry out all the input operations. HTC M8 acquires resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. It provides pixel density of 440 ppi. Continue reading

Canvas Knight A350 – Specs & Review of Micromax’s first octa core phone

Smartphone lovers hold your heart, because Micromax has finally launched its first octa core phone, Canvas Knight A350 with multitasking facility and advanced features.

Enjoy multi-core processing capability on single platforms. It’s not joke…with Mediatek True Octa-Core processor, you can enjoy web downloading, hardcore gaming, first-class premium video viewing or other types of rigorous multitasking without experiencing lag times or excessive battery consumption. At present, many companies have launched their latest devices with world’s first true Octa-Core processor to offer better performance and power-efficiency. Micromax does not require any introduction; it has got huge success around the world, especially in India by its mid-range Smartphone. Again, it is ready to get attention of Smartphone’s lover. Just now, Indian consumer Electronics Company, Micromax hit the market with its first octa core phone, “Canvas Knight A350” in Russian market. This Canvas Knight is wrapped with 5-inch IPS LCD display with full HD resolution. It is powered by 2 GHz Octa-core chipset inside for doing multitasking at the same time. But as per the news report, Micromax will launch the Canvas Knight A350 in India very soon at the price of Rs 25000.

Canvas knight A350 front and rear photos

Design and Display:

As of now, Micromax has not revealed any information regarding the dimension details of the Canvas Knight. But available pictures of the phone speak a lot about handset design. It is wrapped with metallic body. It is just 7.3mm thick and it is quite sleek as per the size of this phone. It is available in two color – black and Gold. The 7.3 mm thick Micromax Canvas Knight A350 boasts 5-inches capacitive IPS touch display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Canvas Knight A350 is thinnest as well as brightest Smartphone from Micromax ever. The phone looks really good and attractive. It seems much longer than broader. Earlier, Micromax canvas turbo had got huge success due to its metallic body. Thankfully, Micromax has prepared its new device with full HD resolution instead of simple HD. Continue reading

StrongVolt SmartCharger – How to power gadgets with this Solar Charger?

StrongVolt SmartCharger with SunTrack Technology has been designed to help keep your gadgets (iPhones, iPads and Android devices) powered up while you are away from the grid.

There are lots of different types of solar chargers available in the mobile market today, but you may have found that they don’t work well (especially with Apple iOS devices) unless they’re in direct sunlight, and also sometimes they have problems in charging your device properly. That’s where StrongVolt SmartCharger comes in, which is an eco-friendly solar charger that automatically restarts when it senses that the clouds have cleared so you don’t have to check whether your device is charging or not. Other solar chargers turn off when clouds emerge, compelling you to often turn them back on again. Moreover, StrongVolt’s latest model is 100% compatible with Apple devices, a feature that several portable chargers can’t provide.

Power gadgets with StrongVolt SmartCharger?

Created by Ian Sells, the new StrongVolt SmartCharger is built-in with a patent-pending SunTrack Technology to help with the charging of your devices. It assures high rate solar powered USB charging and has been designed to be a lightweight addition to your gadget bag. It’s the most advanced, and simple to use, solar charger on the market. StrongVolt used a crowdfunding website, to support the manufacture of the SmartCharger and surprisingly, they exceeded their $10,000 goal in less than 24 hours due to strong interest. You can pre-order your StrongVolt smart charger on this website beginning at just $25. Continue reading

How to Login to your HDFC Bank Home Loan Account?

Log-in to your HDFC home loan account online with password and user id, and do online transactions, find out interest rate, EMI, loan details, etc.

A new home brings hope and happiness in every family member’s heart. Many financial organizations provide online home loans to their customers. It is necessary that company’s level of commitment and transparency from the starting of loan procedure to the ending must be outstanding like you get good quality of service throughout the loan duration of 15-20 years. Recently, HDFC bank provides online home loans service to over 4.4 million customers who are happy and satisfied with the HDFC services.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Account login

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