ZUtA Pocket Printer – Print anything, anywhere with Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

Portable printing is reality now!!! The Israeli startup has created a super small, ZUtA pocket printer that can be taken anywhere. It is able to print on any size paper. Let’s introduce it here.

In this digital era, most things get a touch of the advanced technology, excluding PRINTER. Today, majority of people prefer to do their work on the go, using laptop, phone or tablet, but they feel annoying when it comes to find a place to print. These things get improved time by time, but important one is still missing – and it is printer. It remains nearly the same, weighing around 5.4 lbs or more with its ugly look. It doesn’t make any sense to carry such a weighty printer along, wherever you go. Now feel free for carrying your own printer along… as Israeli startup has created the mini mobile robotic printer, known as ZUtA Pocket Printer. This portable printer can easily fit in a bag, means easy to carry along in coffee shop, restaurant, or anywhere outside the home or office. You just have your laptop, phone or tablet to give a command for printing. Then, see the magic, how this robot unspools the text onto page running across a piece of paper? Curious to know more, just go through the details given below.

ZUtA Pocket Printer

Now, you can turn your ugly, bulky outdated printer into a stylish, compact – 300g printer that can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Really amazing! This is possible with ZUtA Pocket Printer, developed by Israeli startup. Portability is its key benefit. The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is a just-launched. Continue reading

FastStone Capture – Easily capture or record your screen video

FastStone Capture is a simple and easy-to-use screen capture tool that allows users to capture screen activity as video and pictures.

Meet FastStone Capture – an excellent screen capture tool cum screen video recorder available for Windows. With this lightweight, yet amazingly powerful software, you can easily capture and annotate almost anything on your screen. It offers support for several modes of screen capture like full screen, active window, rectangular region of the screen, a free hand region, a fixed region, and a scrolling window, which is perfect for capturing an image of a lengthy web page. Plus, it has some great editing tools using which you can add a personal touch to your images. If an image isn’t enough, then you can even record all on-screen activities including speech from microphone, onscreen changes, cursor movements and mouse clicks, into impressive highly-compressed video files. What’s more, you can ask the software to dispatch your captures directly to files, the clipboard, printer, email, Word/PowerPoint document, or websites. All these things indeed make FastStone one of the most versatile screen capture tools out there. Just go through the article to know more about this super-handy program.

FastStone Capture screenshot

FastStone Capture Review

Primary Interface

FastStone has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. It smartly hides a plethora of tools and options in a small floating toolbar. Two dropdown menus are also included in this toolbar for output selection and settings. No doubt, such a minimalist interface is one of the most prominent features of the software. You can readily capture screenshots or screen videos with just a single click on the toolbar! Continue reading

How to Protect Your Computer Against Autorun Infections?

An infected USB drive can attack your PC with Autorun Infections. To get rid of this, one can protect their PC using USB Immunizer that prevents the autorun file from running.

USB flash drive is a wonderful tool for transferring files from one computer to another. With an ever-growing popularity, it has been used by each individual and become an ideal target for hackers and other cyber criminals for setting up viruses and other harmful code.

Autorun Protection

The existing personification of Autorun Infections is a pattern of file in the original list of removable media, called autorun.inf. If someone has inserted a USB flash drive or CD and had a program run automatically, then it means that autorun was following it. It is obvious that autorun is common at all places, but one should prevent it. Prevention measures should be taken when one is doing online work like the sites we visit, the files we download and placing them on their USB stick. The most important thing is that one must have a protection system enabled on their computer with a modernized antivirus, and also an enabled firewall. Continue reading

RoomScan for iOS – Create floor plans by tapping your phone on every wall

Download RoomScan and start creating floor plans for any room with your iPhone! Simply tap your phone on the walls and the app will generate a floor plan for you instantly.

Making a floor plan of a room is no more a tedious task. Simply grab your iphone, download RoomScan and generate accurate floor plans in seconds! Well, you might have guessed, RoomScan is an app that lets you create floor plans in a fast and fun way. In fact, it is said to be the quickest & easiest way to measure a room. You can easily get dimensions of a room by simply holding your phone against each of the walls in the room. And based on these measurements, the app will magically draw up a floor plan. What’s even more exciting is that unlike other similar apps out there, RoomScan can generate floor plans of even large & complex rooms while maintaining the same level of accuracy!

RoomScan for iOS

Created by Locometric, RoomScan app is incredibly simple and fun to use. All you have to do is simply hold your iDevice on to the wall, wait for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound and then proceed to the next wall. Make sure to include all walls of the room and once you complete the loop, just tap the ‘Finish’ button. The app will then compile a reasonably accurate floor plan for that room instantly. A series of friendly voice prompts will guide you through the entire process. For instance, if the app feels that it doesn’t have accurate set of data, then it will ask you to repeat the whole process. Similarly, if you tap your iDevice on to the wall with a jolt, then you’ll hear an “Ouch!” sound and the app will ask you to try again more tenderly. You’re also required to move fairly quick between walls, otherwise you’ll be asked to pick up the pace. Continue reading

How to Login and Apply for OSAP Application?

Apply for OSAP – Ontario Student Assistance Program to get financial help for post-secondary education and pay your tuition fees, books, mandatory fees, living costs and transportation.

Like Oxygen, every human being requires education because it gives people the knowledge and skills they require. It also leads to career progression and enlightenment, builds character and helps a nation progress. It is important to people of all ages as well it has no limit. The fees of higher education have increased very rapidly over the past decade, so it becomes little difficult to everyone to get higher education. Sometimes, dire circumstances prevent a student from continuing their education or force them to leave their education in mid-year. If you want to go to college, get degree and make a career without having to spend money from your pocket, then you should apply for OSAP- Ontario Student Assistance Program which is financial aid program for post-secondary education students of Ontario and Canada. Now, students can apply for OSAP program online at osap.gov.on.ca to get help to pay their tuition, books, primary living, and transportation expenses.

OSAP Application, OSAP login, Apply for OSAP, Check OSAP Status

OSAP is the joint venture of federal and provincial government which consists of Ontario Student Loans (OSL) and Canada Student Loans (CSL). OSAP provides eligible Ontario students with financial help for educational costs and basic living expenses. The program is managed by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. If your school, colleges and universities are approved for OSAP, then you can take the advantages of this program.

The Ontario Student Assistance Program(OSAP) provides two types of money – grants that you don’t need to return and student loan that you need to repay. This money is provided by both Ontario government and federal government. Through one OSAP application, one can access mix of different financial aid programs on the basis of circumstances. One of the best points about this program is that it immediately gives advantage of 30% off on your tuition fee if you apply for it. Continue reading

Now make Free Voice Call with Facebook Messenger for Android in India

Facebook has recently added free voice calling feature in its Messenger app for Indian Android users. Learn how to make free calls in India via Facebook Messenger app for android.

In today’s world, almost all of us are using Facebook to stay connected with friends and family. On an average, each person spends about 15 to 20 minutes on facebook. Now, Facebook Messenger users can take advantage of Free Voice Calling as Facebook has rolled out a free VoIP feature (free Voice calling feature) in its Messenger app for Indian Android users. Free VoIP feature was available in the U.S. and Canada for iPhone users since February, 2013 and for Android users from March, 2013.

Free Voice Call with Facebook Messenger for Android

All Indian Android users can make a free voice call with one of their Facebook friends directly from their Facebook Messenger app. Users don’t have to download an update to get the voice calling feature. The feature will be available automatically. Users can make call over 3G or WiFi networks. This free voice call service will use your data plan rather than your actual minutes. Continue reading

Nokia X: Things you need to know about Nokia’s first Android phone

Nokia’s first Android phone – Nokia X comes with a fairly decent specs list and in multiple color options that too at an affordable price of Rs. 8599. Read on to know important things about this Dual SIM smartphone.

Nokia was once the King of budget handset category and it still has a very strong base of loyal fans who really love Nokia products. At MWC 2014, Nokia X series smartphones (Nokia X, X+ and XL) based on Android OS managed to grab all the limelight from high end launches. Out of all three devices (compare), Nokia X is super affordable smartphone priced at just Rs. 8599. The build quality on the Nokia X is excellent, plus the device comes in six different shades: Black, White, Cyan, Red, Green and Yellow. The Nokia X is an entry-level Android smartphone, equipped with a 4-inch display (800×480 pixels), 1500mAh battery, 3MP camera, 1GHz dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, microSD card support up to 32GB. If you are planning to buy this new device, there are some crucial aspects you should know in detail to better understand about the handset. Now let’s see different ways in which the Nokia X is different from other devices coming with same price tag.

Nokia X: Nokia's first Android phone

Continue reading

Download official RAR app free from WinRar for Android

Having too many files or trouble in sharing big files with friends directly from your android Smartphone? RAR app is here to help you out.

Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter with each passing day. They resemble personal computers in terms of memory features and usage. So, having a file compression app becomes an absolute necessity to compress big files or a complete folder. We all generally use WinRAR, a compression and archiving software for PCs to compress files into a ZIP or a RAR file. Now, Android devices can be also benefited from this popular compression software. Recently, the makers of WinRAR has launched RAR app for Android devices, which work similar to WinRAR.

Android App from Winrar

RAR is a cool compression and archiving app developed by RARLAB. It is simple and easy to use. It has user-friendly and intuitive interface. It is an all-in-one app, as it works as a compression program, basic file explorer, archiver, manager, assistant and extractor. Although the app provides so many features, the design is very simple similar to old classic RAR program. It supports multiple languages such as Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, etc. for easier use. Continue reading

How to View, Manage and Pay FPL Bill online for Residential and Business?

No need to spend time writing checks or pay for stamps to pay your FPL bills…It’s become so easy with FPL pay online service, where you can view, manage and pay FPL bill online from any corner of the world.

Say good bye to paper bills – Switch to online bill pay service today. Not a single…there are multiple reasons to use online bill pay service like save time, postage costs and check writing, as well as get great convenience. With a click of your mouse, you can pay your bills easily, quickly, conveniently and securely through net banking or using credit/debit cards at the comfort of your home, or office, or anywhere around the world. FPL – Florida Power & Light Company also values its customers’ time, so it provides online service to pay, view and manage their FPL bill online through official webpage, fpl.com. Each online service is offered with multiple ways, so by using any of it you can make your bill paying process easier and quicker. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time and money on purchasing stamps or visiting post office or an FPL payment facility to pay your FPL bill.

Paying bill online

Florida Power & Light Company is main subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc. It is the leading electric utility in Florida. It has been providing power utility to more than 4.6 million customers since 1925. In terms of price, it is one of the largest rate-regulated utilities in the United States. By offering online service, it reduces time and expense of their customers as well as becomes helpful to environment by providing paperless billing service. Its online bill payment is free, secure, and immediate way to pay your bill by using credit card or net banking service. As well, it allows customers to access their account and pay bills from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Continue reading

Download Adobe Revel app To Edit, Organise and share family memories

Adobe Revel is a photo management and sharing app that lets you manage and organize all your photos in one place and share them anytime and anywhere you want, thus download it now for free of cost.

Adobe is popular globally for their professional creative software, and the company has already jumped into the world of online photo management with Adobe Revel on the iOS platform from 2011 (under the Carousel name). Now, Adobe has finally made its Revel photo-app available for Android for the first time (excluding obviously Adobe’s Revel Importer app). Adobe Revel lets you to create your very own private picture gallery, on which you can upload your favorite pictures and share them with your loved ones and also edit them to ensure your memories look their best. Revel focuses on privacy, so you always have full control over who can view, organize, and edit pictures of your library.

Download Adobe Revel app

Adobe Revel is an all-in-one collaborative photo-editing and photo-sharing app available to download for Android from Google Play store for free and it comes with some really nifty features. Revel works on iOS devices, Mac and Windows 8 computers, and also you can use it online, meaning your images and videos will be backed up in the cloud, and accessible across devices. Continue reading