How to take Better Selfies? Tips and tricks

Do you love taking and sharing selfies? Find out some of the tips and tricks that help you take better selfies with more fun and perfection.

In this era of social media, all and sundry are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other emerging Social Networks. And the most ongoing trend nowadays is to take and post selfies on social media. According to Yahoo’s estimation, the figure of the Photographs captured will reach up to one trillion in 2014. So, we can say here that a lot of selfies will be taken in the year 2014. Even the Oxford Dictionary has declared “Selfie” as the word of the year 2013, so it is called the year of selfie. Almost everyone loves to take a good selfies as they are meant to be seen and shared by others when set as a profile pic or posted on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Try following quick tips and tricks that help you take better selfies that are interesting as well as praising.

tips and tricks on how to take good selfies as well as group selfie

Tips and Tricks to take Better Selfies

Examine Yourself Thoroughly

When you take your selfies, the first thing you must consider is to check yourself out! Before you click, make sure that your hair, makeup and outfit look proper. Because, obviously you will delete the photo snapped with fly-away hair and smeared eyeliner, and take another. So, it is better to prepare yourself before you snap. In result, you have lots of fine selfies to choose from!

Lit Up Well

It is very necessary to have lighting, when you are clicking a selfie or any pic, because light is everything in photography. In bad light, it is difficult to show off your makeup, hair or clothing. Make sure that you are nicely lit, but also take care about the intense lighting because it will make shadows on your face. Do your best to use natural light that coming from the windows. One more thing to sure is that you sholuld be lit from the front or the side to take much better selfies. Continue reading review: Get free Gift Cards, Cash, Free Game Cards & More

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How it works?

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How to add new custom Commands to Google now with Commandr App?

Commandr is a new smart app that allows users to make their own Google Now Commands to control toggle settings, flashlight, audio playback, and more!

Google Now is truly one of the best features available for Android users that allow them to issue voice commands to their device. No doubt it has lots of voice-activated functionality like making a call or sending a message, but still some useful commands are missing. For example, it lacks the ability to control the toggle settings. While it’s pretty much unclear whether Google Now will ever support such a feature, Ryan Senanayake (the developer behind Open Mic+ for Google Now) has come up with a superb app to fill this gap. Dubbed as Commandr, this revolutionary app enables you to control your device’s flashlight, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, music player, and many things using simple voice commands! What’s more, it is even integrated with the popular automation app Tasker, which means you can literally make your android device do anything with voice commands, like turn ON the ceiling fan!

add new custom Commands to Google now with Commandr App

There’s no doubt in that Commandr has been developed to make Google Now even more powerful and efficient. Earlier, in order to make a command work, users were required to tell “note to self” before any instruction. But now with new version 2.0, there’s no need to mention the extra “note to self” phrase. Instead you can quote a direct comment! For example, open Google Now and simply say “Turn on the flashlight”, and you’ll see that the flashlight of your device automatically turns ON. And the best thing about the app – commands works fully online! Continue reading

Inboxpays Reviews: Win Cash with Paid Surveys

Win cash with fun by signing up for Inboxpays, taking surveys, completing trial offers, reading emails, playing games, referring friends, spinning the wheel, clipping coupons and more.

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Earn money with fusioncash

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Do Survey on and Earn rewards to redeem Gift Cards

Convert your reward points into the gift cards to do more shopping by completing daily and business surveys at all-in-one survey portal

A popular method to know experience of customers with their products is live market research groups and round table discussions. An expanding internet world provides one new way to find out user’s experience with the products by offering online surveys. Various companies has widely accepted online survey concept and offer a chance to win gift cards or discount on upcoming purchase in accordance with user’s opinion in survey. Tellwut provides a basic platform to every user as well as companies to give opinion in survey and to announce online surveys. Let’s find out how you can earn rewards and gift cards by giving your honest opinion in various paid surveys at

Do Survey on and Earn rewards to redeem Gift Cards

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InboxDollars: Review of PTC Site

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Any PTC site do not make you millionaire in one night, but it will definitely help you to earn few bucks that you can spend on your extra expenses to reduce burden on your already stretched monthly budget. With perfect earning plan, you can earn good amount of money through any legit PTC site. Inboxdollars is an online legit PTC site that gives money to their users for every click they made on site. No matter that you are searching on internet, participating in any survey or just clicking on simple advertisements; you will be paid for every click on If you also want to get benefits from inboxdollars, then check out various special benefits and login details of inboxdollars.



It is legit “Paid To Click” site that offers various methods to earn bucks. Any user, who got registered at for first time, is welcomed with the bonus of $5. As per name suggest, they also send you special money emails. It does not charge you for sign up or upgrading your account. Once you have $30 in your account, you will get check issued for you. You can also refer it to your friend and if your friend will join the inboxdollar community, then you will get some percentage of earning from your friend’s click on the site. Continue reading

How to create your own Widgets on Android with different apps?

Want to create widgets for your android phone? Then check out these cool apps and learn how to build your own custom widgets quickly and easily!

Widgets are indeed one of the best features of Android operating system that allows users to customize their home screen in different ways. These convenient little apps not only make your home screen look cool, but also provide some superb functionality. Although every android smartphone comes preloaded with a whole bunch of widgets such as Clock, Calendar, Music Player etc., Google Play store has lots of free and paid widgets that can make the device more interesting and productive. But that doesn’t mean you have to depend on these built-in widgets. You can create a widget of your own and personalize your home screen just the way you want. There are a few apps that can help you with it. Just go through the article given below to learn how to design your own unique widgets with different apps.

Zooper widgets

Using Buzz Custom Widget

With Buzz Custom Widget, you can create dynamic widgets for calendar, battery, and digital or analog clocks. And thanks to its interactive visual editor, creating and editing widgets is really very easy. Continue reading

LG KizON: Specs & Review of Android watch for kids

LG launches a wearable wristband called KizON for kids that allows parents to track the whereabouts of their children using GPS and wireless connectivity.

After releasing its first ever Android based wearable device G Watch globally, the Korean giant has come up with another innovative wearable. But this time it’s for kids! LG has launched a kid friendly wearable called ‘the KizON’ in a wide range of colors and attractive designs. It is designed exclusively for small kids aged 5-8 years. Even though the band is worn by kids, it is actually meant for parents. Through this wristband, parents can easily track the real-time location of their children on their smartphones! It even offers a convenient way for parents and kids to communicate with each other.


The KizON wristband is made out of eco-friendly Polythiourethane (PTU) material that is both water-resistant as well as stain-resistance. And to entice small kids to wear the device, LG has designed a wide range of accessories for KizON that features some popular kid’s characters like Hello Kitty. Plus, the band is made available in three bright and attractive colors – pink, blue and green. Continue reading

Sony Xperia ZL2 has 3GB RAM, 5″ Screen, 32GB + 128GB Storage and more high-end Specs

One more member named Sony Xperia ZL2 has been added in the Sony Xperia Z series that is offering high-end specifications and features with a lower cost.

The Sony Xperia Z series in the Sony Xperia series refers to the premium android Smartphone and tablets manufactured by Sony Mobile. A new flagship Android Smartphone has added now the under Xperia series by the Sony called Sony Xperia ZL2, which is now official in Japan. This new Smartphone is just like the Xperia ZL which was launched last year. It is the version of current flagship with larger screen, but smaller in size. The Sony Xperia ZL2 has amazing high-end features and specifications that make you feel that is the one of the best Smartphone ever from Sony.

Sony Xperia ZL2

The Sony Xperia ZL 2 has a display of 5 inch Full HD Bird Luminous capacitive touchscreen with 920 x 1080 pixels resolution. This Smartphone also has water resistant and dust protection, so you don’t have to worry about the water and dust. The Sony Xperia ZL2 has a 20.7 MP primary camera with auto focus and LED Flash which enables you to capture pictures even in poor light and gives the best quality picture. The rear camera also has the features such as Exmor RS Sensor and 4K recording. The phone also has the front facing 3.1 MP secondary camera for features like video calling, video conferencing or to take a selfie. Continue reading