Download Virtual Router to turn your windows xp based PC into Wifi Router


Sharing of internet connection is becoming simpler day by day. Previously, the sharing of internet connection between different PCs was possible by connecting them with LAN devices within limited area like a room or building. Then sharing of internet connection became much simpler due to Wi-Fi, a wireless connection for different wireless devices like Windows 7 based PCs, laptops, smart phones and other wireless devices within 200 meters. This Wi-Fi connection also enables the user to be linked internally with all other devices connected in the network, but for this Wi-Fi router is must.

Download Virtual Router to turn your windows xp based PC into Wifi Router

Think for a while that you have all the wireless-enabled PCs or devices, an internet connection but no wireless router to connect a Wi-Fi hotspot, then how will you share your internet connection with other devices. So here is the solution to this problem. You will be amazed by knowing that it is possible to use the wireless adapter from your PC to create a mobile hotspot, which can be used to provide all of your wireless enabled devices with an internet connection. Virtual router enables your Windows 7 based PC to wirelessly share any internet connection, may be any of cable modem, cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN, or even dial-up, with every Wi-Fi-enabled device like smart phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, net books, wireless printers, etc.

Virtual router converts any Windows 7 computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot using Windows 7′s Wireless Hosted Network technology. So your PC can help any other device by working like secure Wi-Fi access point. The virtual router in your PC will be secured using WPA2 encryption, which is considered to be the most secure type of wireless security. The wireless network shared with this program cannot be turned off. This feature is especially built into Windows 7 and 2008 R2′s wireless hosted network API to ensure maximum security. More excitingly, Virtual Router is completely free and can be used anywhere.

As Windows 7 already has all the API’s built into it, it is not difficult to build Virtual router application. Virtual router can be considered as the free and open source as it allows you to host software based wireless router from your PC or other laptop with a Wi-Fi card. It automatically allows the ICS option of your current connection to flawlessly turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. For this, you just have to log on to it by entering the connection name and password to create your Wi-Fi hotspot. As well, it generates WPA/WPA2 PSK based secured connection that allows you to connect those Wi-Fi enabled devices, which cannot connect with wireless ad-hoc network.

How to access?

You just have to follow three steps to download this router without paying anything.

First step is simply start over to Virtual Router’s homepage and hit on the Download button off to the right. To begin using it, download, install and run the application.

Secondly, open Virtual Router up and view the first and only window you’ll require to begin broadcasting a wireless signal.

Lastly, change the network’s SSID that you desire for users to read and identify, so as to locate the connection on their devices. Set the password of your choice but it must be of at least 8 digits. Select the connection you want to share from the given options namely Wireless Network Connection or Local Area Connection and finally press the Start Virtual Router button to start your connection.

Main features:

  • Share internet with any other device supporting Wi-Fi
  • The wireless network accessed using virtual router is secured
  • Easy sharing of network
  • Can be accessed anywhere and at any distance
  • 3G, ISDN as well as DSL sharing is possible using this router
  • Virtual Router is not only completely free but also not irritating with any advertisements like other ad-supported applications


6 thoughts on “Download Virtual Router to turn your windows xp based PC into Wifi Router

  1. John

    Clearly, this software does not work with Windows XP:
    From the linked site:
    “Project Description
    Virtual Router turns any Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 Computer into a Wifi Hot Spot using Windows 7’s Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology.”

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