Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app lets businesses improve indoor mapping


Google Maps has unveiled Floor Plan Marker app on 5 April, 2012. This app has been launched exclusively for Android users in the United States. The company wants businessmen to start uploading detailed floor plans for the interiors of their “venues” so that people can see them on Google Maps. The information submitted by the business owners can help the customers to orient themselves more easily.

Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app

The app allows users to know exactly where they are and make it easy to find what they are looking for. Using this app, customers can see on which floor they are in a multistorey building. The map can update to the right floor automatically if the customer moves up or down a level.

This application instructs the users to walk around the “entire surface” of a place, while gathering position data from public cell tower, WiFi signals and GPS. Once added to Google’s database, this additional info allow the well-known blue dot to function on the customers’ Android phones even when the concrete building gets in the way of the satellite signal.

With a November 2011 launch of indoor maps for Android, Google made its mark on indoor maps. The indoor maps for Android were being made available at airports, malls and some super sized retailers. But now, Google is looking for refining and adding more detail to those maps, as well add other maps.

The latest app only allows those who have already uploaded a floor plan through the Google Maps Floor Plans tool to improve the detail of their interiors. The app supports only English language right now. The users can download this app for free and install the app at Google Play.


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