How to Download and Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop?

Whatsapp has become a popular Instant Messenger app in a very short time period for its great features like unlimited chatting with friends, sending images, audios, videos, and any other file, that too offered free of cost. Nowadays people are using WhatsApp to send/receive messages, instead of the message service available by their telecom so it’s huge breakdown in the income of mobile telecoms. It is an amazing application on which an average 1 Billion messages are sent per day.

How to Download and Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop?

Installing WhatsApp for smartphone is very simple; however you may be wondering how to use this awesome application on your PC or Laptop. There are numerous people, who always search for ‘WhatsApp Application for PC/Laptop’ ‘Download WhatsApp on PC,’ etc. Your answer is here – Bluestacks software through which you are able to download and use WhatsApp on your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or MAC (Beta) operating system. Check out here detailed guidance about how to download, install and start using WhatsApp on your computer for free using Bluestacks.

Install WhatsApp in PC or Laptop using Bluestacks:

Initially you have to download Bluestacks by visiting Select the operating system which you are using either it may be Windows or Mac, and download the relevant version. After the successful installation of Bluestacks, open the software and here you can view some already installed app.

How to Download and Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop?

See a Search bar on top right corner and type WhatsApp and you will be recommended with various places from where you can download WhatsApp. For example – choose Google Play, so only hit Whatsapp Messenger on Google Play column and install the app.

How to Download and Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop?

Once WhatsApp Messenger is installed on your computer, open it and then select your Country and enter Phone number. You will get a new window which states you have to verify your mobile number by sending sms to your number that you mentioned. You will receive a confirmation code within few minutes that you’ve to write in the check case. Now your amazing IM app is Activated and ready to use on your PC or Laptop, just sync your contacts and enjoy Chatting as well as Sharing.

Note that Bluestacks requires powerful computer with high RAM, and internet access to download and do messaging with WhatsApp.

Step by step guide for downloading and installing whatsapp on your PC:

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