Orasis For iOS: Enhance your digital photos with this photo correction app


Orasis is an amazing iOS photo-editing application whose main aim is to restore and enhance all your digital photos. Taking photos with iOS devices is certainly a super-easy thing to do, but sometimes those photos are very much different from what our eyes see. This difference is much more evident in certain cases, such as when people/objects are in front of backlight, photos taken with a flash or in a dark background, or when capturing high-contrast scenes. In such circumstances, the captured photos suffer from significant loss of visual information as they become blurred or too grainy. However, you can get amazingly clear and detailed images even under poor lighting conditions by simply installing the Orasis app on your iOS device.

Orasis For iOS: Enhance your digital photos with this photo correction app

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The main objective of the Orasis app is to bridge the gap between what you see and what your camera captures. This photo editing app enables the users to apply numerous changes and improvements to their pictures that too in a simple format. The app actually helps you to get more realistic and better looking photos by extracting visual information in the dark or bright areas, which was not evident in the original captured image. The app provides both automatic as well as manual mode. In the automatic mode, as expected the app automatically edits & enhances an image that you want. It automatically maximizes the level of visual details and also lets you play with the picture’s brightness. Whereas in the manual mode, you can adjust each and every aspect of the picture just the way you want.

This photo-editing app is extremely easy to use. You can either load an image from your personal library or snap new photos from within the app. Photos taken or loaded to the application are automatically retouched while keeping the original copy unchanged. If you are not satisfied with the ‘Auto’ changes, then go for Manual mode. It is very easy to work with the manual settings. The following four sub-sections available under the Manual section, really makes it very easy for the users to get back all the relevant details that were lost in the original shot.

1, Appearance: This option provides sliders for adjusting the bright and dark areas of the image separately (just like Photoshop’s “Shadows/Highlights” option). You can also make changes to the overall appearance of the picture using the ‘Tonal Width’ option.

2, Color: This section enables the users to adjust the overall intensity of the colors in the captured scene. You can easily select a particular color component to dominate your image by simply dragging the crosshair over the color grid.

3, Correction: In this section, you can adjust brightness and contrast.

4, Presets: It consists of predefined filters, among which Gray, Sepia, and Cartoon effects deal mainly with colors, whereas the ‘pseudo HDR’ and ‘Soft’ options provide variations of the auto enhancement performed by the app.

The best part of the app is that the original picture is always made available for comparison so that you can compare the converted image and the original image side by side. Once you are done editing, just hit the ‘save’ button located at the top, in order to send back your edited picture to the camera roll. The app also offers some important sharing options like email, Facebook, and Twitter. Moreover, you can even copy these edited pictures to your clipboard.

On the whole, majority of the pictures edited with Orasis app are impressively enhanced. However, the fact which makes this app better than other photo-editing applications is that the enhancements are subtle enough, because of which the photos does not look overly processed and unreal. Plus, this app doesn’t perform destructive sharpening on pictures. Hence, Orasis is indeed a great tool to help you fix the problems related with badly exposed photos. However, unlike HDR applications, it does not support taking multiple photos of a single scene and then combining them into one final image. Another important thing about this app is that the results of Orasis are solely dependent on the quality as well as the range of visual information contained in the captured original image. For example, if the image regions are fully white (because of high brightness level) containing no visual information, then don’t expect to enhance the image with Orasis or any other image processing software.

This wonderful photo-editing application supports several languages including English, French, Chinese, Greek, German, and Spanish. The app works on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch running on iOS 4.1 or later version. You can download the app on your iOS device from iTunes App Store by spending just $0.99.

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