Top 10 Trending Camera App on Google Play Store this month


Nowadays almost all Android phones and tablets come with high resolution cameras. However, you will need some Camera Apps to edit and process the images to make them more attractive and interesting. The Google Play is providing a bunch of such camera apps for Android users to enhance the quality of pics through filtering or by giving some cool effects. These apps have the capability to turn the tiny camera of your phone into an amazing digicam. If you are confused about which apps are best suited for you then take a look on the list given below. The list includes top ten free camera apps from Google Play Store.

Top 10 Trending Camera App on Google Play Store this month

1, Cartoon Camera

The Cartoon Camera is a camera app that can make a cartoon or drawn or comic style image. The app works by reducing the image details slightly and then enhancing the edges of objects with dark lines. The app features live preview of the effect i.e. you will know exactly how your photo will be seen before you capture it and even enables you to adjust the sensitivity of the effect while shooting. However, you can operate this app in the landscape mode only.

If you are having a device that runs on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) or above, then you can enjoy the photography using this app even with the front-facing camera. This amazing app supports five effects like sepia, cartoon, dark strokes, white strokes and colored edges. Various on-screen buttons enables you to access the gallery, enable or disable flash, and switch to a different effect easily. Moreover, the app supports autofocus and flash. All photos that you have captured via the camera app will be stored in the Cartoon Camera folder on your local or SD card storage.

2, Action Snap

Action Snap is a simple camera app that allows capturing clear and still images of moving objects or those in action. With this app, you can also take several snaps and combine them later on. The capturing process is very simple. Just aim your camera at particular object that you want to capture and then press the ‘Capture’ button, that’s it. You will be able to process 4 separate frames into one. The four frames can be arranged either as 1×4 or as 2×2.

The Action Snap app supports combining of four or nine photos. You can select any time interval from 0.1s to 5s and start taking photos with just one click or take individual photos by using the custom mode. The app also offers numerous effects like LOMO, Sepia and black-and-white. However, a major disadvantage with this app is that the app does not provide any type of editing options, once the photos are captured. Plus, it does not create its own folder or save the pictures in a set folder automatically. You can enjoy more interesting special effects and numerous features in the paid PRO version of Action Snap.

3, Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is one of the most famous and powerful camera applications. You can use numerous pre and post – photograph effects along with an extremely easy user interface to make your photos more interesting, funny and amazing. The app provides 16 different effects and 40 scenes. Once you have captured the photo, you can try out all scenes and filters. Another interesting feature is ‘Touch to Compare,’ where you can see the difference between the simple photo and the edited one simply by touching the screen.

You can control features like zoom, flash and shot settings (Normal, Stabilizer, Burst and Timer) easily. The settings offer some extra options like auto-focus, quality, photo size, save settings and location recording. In addition to some of the usual and familiar effects like dreamy, Lomo or retro that we see in other camera apps, Camera360 offer several new options such as ghostly, symmetries and surreal. However, the best features of the app are HDR (high dynamic range) and Tilt-shift for toyish pics.

4, Camera Fun

Camera Fun is the sole app from Android that allows its users to apply LIVE Photoshop lens directly on the Android camera. You can view the Photoshop effects through the device camera before you click an image. In the free version of Camera Fun, the app offers six lenses that include Mirror, Canvas, Sepia, Pinch, Water Colour and Sketch. However, in pro version the app supports 24 lenses such as Black and White, Alphabet, Avatar, Canvas, Bulge, Emboss, Light Tunnel, Glass, Negative, Mirror, Night Vision, Neon, Pixel, Pinch, Poster, Sepia Sketch, Sepia, Stretch, Sketch, Thermal, Swirl, Watercolour, Tunnel, and Wave.

Camera Fun Free enables you to apply various effects to your pics in real time and preview them and try out different settings to make your photos attractive and interesting. You can also save your pictures at the same location where other images are stored in your device. Moreover, you can share those beautifully edited photos with your friends via email, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.

5, Camera Magic

Camera Magic is one of the fastest camera applications available for Android users. The app is very easy to use. You can easily apply different effects to your photos just by pressing your finger on the phone’s screen. Different from other camera apps, this app is having a working zoom feature. The digital zoom feature of this app uses up scaling process instead of simply enlarging the image and then cropping. You can control the digital zoom feature with the help of volume key i.e. when you press the volume key, the app will zoom in.

The Camera Magic app will allow you to take photos along with flash and the flash can be turned on or off by simply pressing the screen. Moreover, you can use the flash in different modes according to different situations. The app also provide high quality auto focus feature, which enables you to capture every photo in high quality. There are several filters available through this app to make your images look different and appealing. Trendy filters include sepia, and black and white. You can also shoot without attaching any filters and then try various filters on pics later.

6, FxCamera

FxCamera is an amazing app that provides numerous stunning camera effects. This app offers six different effects on a compatible Android Phone like ToyCam, Fisheye, Polandroid, Warhol, SymmetriCam and Normal. In ToyCam mode your photos look much older than they are; while with Polandroid effect the photos look like polaroids. It can also add variety of borders and adjusts the color of Polaroid. The SymmetriCam is the most interesting effect among the five. In this mode, you can view a mirror image of the photo in the same photo. With Andy Warhol effect, you can turn your image like a Warhol painting.

Once available on your Android device, the app is extremely easy to operate. On opening the app, it displays each of the effects in the form of a landscape slideshow. There exists camera icon at the bottom of each effect. Just tap on the icon for particular effect and take photo with that effect. The app also offers Auto Focus facility. You can use ‘Settings’ button to adjust how the effect is added to your photo. However, you cannot apply filters to photos that you have already taken, nor can you undo an already selected filter.

7, Pudding Camera

Make photography easy, fun and interesting by using an amazing app called Pudding Camera. Initially this excellent app was in the Korean language, but now an English version is also available. The Pudding Camera app uses a lens and film user interface for creating variety of attractive effects. This free app can give output at three resolutions: 472px, 700px, and 1280px with a maximum resolution of 1280x1280px. The app offers eight different lens effects and eight different film effects. The lens effects include Vintage Brown, iPhone Basic, Vignetting, Vintage Blue, Mono, Dazzle, Noir and Vivid.

The app offers a new lens called “Triplex,” which creates a curved triple exposure, three-framed kind of smiley-looking image. Now you can also share your photos with family and friends directly via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, very easily from the Settings panel. Other interesting features of the app include fisheye, motion 2×2, panorama and triplex, and also users can control the exposure settings from this app. The photos that you take using the app are automatically saved in a web photo album of Pudding.

8, Retro Camera

Turn your modern camera into a retro camera by using Retro Camera application from Android market. The app creates very distinctive and unique image styles with the help of photo filters that are inspired by old Holga, Lomo, Diana, Polaroid and toy cameras. The app has four simulated cameras for taking vintage style photos and they are the Bärbel, Xolaroid 2000, Little Orange Box and the Pinhole Camera. Each of these cameras adds different style to the pics and you can also set them in either color or black and white mode. You can easily change the camera type by tapping the camera button located in the lower right corner after which a camera selection page will be displayed and you can select your desired camera type easily.

By clicking on “Camera Info,” you can learn few basic things about each camera type. Taking pictures with this app is a very easy task, simply hit the on-screen shutter button. However, the app does not support auto-focus. As soon as the app has finished the processing of photos, you will be taken to a gallery page where your last 10 shots are seen hanging from a print drying line. With a single tap on a picture will provide you some useful options like share app, delete and share prints. The share prints option will help you to upload pictures very quickly to Twitter, Facebook and email.

9, Lab Lab is one of the best post processing apps with more than 450 awesome effects for your photographs. You can easily create virtual postcards, phone wallpapers, photo montages, animated effects and cool contact icons using the Lab photo editor. You can turn your photo into a funny sketch with the help of animated cartoon effects. Unlike other camera apps, this one use face detection technology to create face montages and you can also apply numerous effects and fun photo frames to your pictures.

The app offers photorealistic effect with which you can place your face onto a soccer fans banner, museum walls, in a hot off the press newspaper, airbrush yourself on cars or leave your face as sand imprint on the beach. The app offers numerous photo filters such as Fire, Neon Glow, HDR, Jigsaw Puzzle, Pencil Drawing, Chalk & Charcoal, Oil & Impressionist Painting, and many more. Moreover, you can add your own text in the images. You can save the photos to your phone memory or SD card.

10, Pixlr-O-Matic

Pixlr-O-Matic is one of the best apps to add retro effects to your pics and turn your photos into vintage images. Editing is a very simple process with three easy steps. First of all apply filters, then apply the masks and finally select a suitable frame for the image. The app offers more than 5,000,000 possible finishes with around 100 effects, 280 overlays and almost 200 borders to make your pics look fabulous. Moreover, if you go for Randomizer option then the app will select a suitable effect, overlay, and border for your image automatically. You can save your finished images or share them directly through Pixlr’s own image-sharing service Select a photo from the gallery and start playing with your pics by using various effects provided by the Pixlr-O-Matic app.


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